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jam cookies for tomorrow's cookie exchange, hot fudge and brown sugar ice cream for gifts :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of December 15-16, 2012
12/20/12 03:58 PM

zuchinni fritters
root veg and red lentil curry
chicken meatball, white bean and escarole soup....

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of November 3-4, 2012
11/2/12 09:26 PM

zuchinni fritters for breakfast, a batch of quick pickles to last us (probably not) for the next few weeks.

we are in md, and are having friends over for steamed crabs tonight, along with grilled corn, slaw and potentially burgers if the crabs don't fill us up...

also making a white chili and blueberry muffins to freeze for a friend having a baby soon.

am thinking i also might need a batch of earl grey tea ice cream as the freezer is getting a bit low on treats :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of July 21-22, 2012
7/21/12 11:51 AM

haven't been able to get this out of my head, subbing in watercress since i couldn't find pea shoots:

and pizza for a little masters watching party tomorrow:

bacon/apple/cheddar/brussel sprout

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of April 9-10, 2011

4/9/11 11:40 AM

mmm, so yummy. made these last night and i ended up just throwing in all of the pork I had (about 1.25 lbs) and had enough stuffing for 5 extra meatballs that I also cooked. we will be putting in some asian soups this week as well - fantastic!

Recipe: Asian Cabbage Rolls with Spicy Pork
Cookbook Recipe

2/28/11 04:43 PM

do some people just really enjoy being negative? what a waste of energy. if you have something nice or constructive to say, go ahead and post it. i thought we were all here because we have a common interest and it would be nice to support each other in that?

i think this project looks great!

Before & After: Morgana's Dressed Up Dresser
2/18/11 12:01 PM

i'm a big fan of turnip fries. slice them up, a bit of oil, and salt, rosemary if you've got it or you feel like it, and roast on 450 til browned. mmm.

What Are Some Great Ways to Cook Turnips? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/17/10 05:18 PM

pack of wasa crackers, ricotta in the fridge, sea salt and honey.
best afternoon snack.

Office Lunch Survival Kit: 6 Essentials to Keep at the Office | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/15/10 02:16 PM

fried egg on top for breakfast - yummmmm!

Pulled Pork Shoulder: Ways to Use It All Week Long | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/31/10 03:12 PM

glad i'm not the only one. my boyfriend thinks i'm going crazy. if only ovens had automatic shutoff like straightening irons...

Paranoid? How to Remember Turning Off the Oven | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/15/10 12:22 PM

roasted root vegetables, slow cooker carnitas, kale chips for snacking and brussel/caramelized onion pizza :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 20-21, 2009 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/20/10 10:23 AM

lemon leek frittata
baba ghanoush
ina garten's panko salmon
kale chips
duck confit, caramelized onion and sage pizza

and today, the always classy taco dip :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of February 6-7, 2010 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/7/10 09:29 AM

i would also recommend the wine garage.

we joined while in napa/sonoma last year, but you can also sign up online. their goal is to find great bottles of wine in the valley for under $20 - quite a feat!

we belong to the reds and whites club and get 6 bottles about 6 times a year. there is also a read club, and a big reds club.

we are in maryland, and they are able to ship to us.

so fun!

Wine Clubs: High, Low, In-Between Store Guide | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/3/10 08:41 AM

fresh cut french fries

What's Your Weakness? Foods We Can't Resist | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/29/10 03:38 PM

I've been doing a flax cake lately - 3 tablespoons ground flax seeds, 2 tablespoons water, a pack of stevia or a bit of agave, and half an apple chopped. cook it like a pancake, then I top with a bit of cinnamon and some microwaved frozen raspberries. yum.

Weekday Routines: Do You Usually Eat Breakfast? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/23/10 07:59 AM

last night - slow roasted tomatoes

today - gazpacho and lemon leek fritatta

tomorrow - roasted sunchokes and broiled walnut oil grapes for dessert

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of January 23-24, 2010 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/23/10 07:36 AM

I recently bought some raw agave - would that be a different situation?

Agave Nectar: Healthful or Harmful? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/21/10 03:30 PM

apologies if this has already been answered - does anyone know where the wire basket for the dish towels is from?

Tyler Sarah's Primitive Modern Retreat House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/19/10 12:07 PM

where is the lovely wire basket that holds the dish towels from?

Tyler and Sarah's Kitchen (Just Before the Party Begins!) Kitchen Spotlight | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/14/10 01:23 PM