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My 4 year old is the exact same way. Very high energy and rambunctious. We do go outside in the snow, but even 15-20 minutes a day outside some days isn't enough to burn off all his energy! We joined a local kids gymnastics studio - he takes one teacher-led class a week for 45 minutes of balance beam, jumping into the foam pit, yoga, summer-saulting, etc, but best of all is that included in the price is an "open play" hour on Fridays where he can do whatever he wants without the structure of the class (it's still supervised by the teachers).
We also have a sit-n-spin that gets tons of use, and one of those giant bouncy balls with the handle attached that you sit on and jump it up and down ... not sure what it's proper name is, but it's a huge hit in the wintertime.

Keeping A Rambunctious Kid Active in the Winter
Good Questions

12/28/10 10:21 PM

Tot LOL is a great site too ... it's videos from all around the web (mostly YouTube) but they've been screened and parent-approved. This way I don't have to worry about my preschooler clicking on the wrong "related video" on YT and getting something unsavory.

Five Great Websites for Preschoolers Roundup | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/28/10 05:14 PM

Great idea ... but couldn't you also just keep that stuff in a ziplock in the back-of-the-seat pocket? That's what we do.

Car Seat Hiding Place For Emergency Supplies | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/3/10 02:37 PM

My husband is a molecular biologist and has been buying these for our son before he was even born. We've got quite the collection so far! There are actually lots more than are listed in the article. Most people that see them think they're hilarious!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Kid Friendly Plush Microbes
10/12/09 06:01 PM

Yeah, this is kind of confusing and apparently the author of the post isn't familiar with most toddler beds. ALL the toddler beds that I researched when buying one (apart from IKEA) use the crib mattress. That's kind of the point -- that you can reuse the crib mattress. It's just IKEA that does the funky 3-piece mattress to accommodate their sliding/growing bed thing they've got there. Admittedly, in that longer IKEA bed the crib mattress looks cute with that extra space at the end - but the point of the post is kind of wasted because for most situations its just not true.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Re-use Crib Mattress
9/20/08 10:33 PM

We saw this on Photojojo awhile back and have tried it - with varying results. It's actually a lot harder than it sounds -- especially when you have a 30 pound 10 month old!

One of my favorites:

How To: Take Spinning Shots of Your Kids
8/10/07 05:09 PM

We painted one wall of my son's room that grass green color similar to the one you're considering. I'm glad we only went with one wall - I think the color would make the room seem smaller if it were on all four walls. It makes for a great accent!

Here's a picture of the wall, it's pretty true-to-life in the area right around the hanging picture frame. Look through the "Mason's room" set to see other views of the green wall.

I vote for green!

Good Questions:Pick a Color. Any Color!
8/10/07 04:00 PM