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We also don't like turkey. Last year we made short ribs; this year it's cassoulet.

So You Don't Like Turkey? Consider These Still-Festive, Still-Meaty Alternatives
11/7/13 11:12 PM

I'd like to see more editorials. I love the Meditations series and miss the kind of food writing that used to appear in Gourmet. Maybe something like that could find a home here.

Also, I prefer recipes to be housed on site, rather than linked to. There are enough food blogs out there; I'm looking for recipes that are curated and tested by "someone" I trust.

What Kind of Kids' Food Content Would You Like to See on The Kitchn?
9/5/12 07:31 PM

I love cooking and eating on the Point Reyes Peninsula. Thank you for this.

A Coastal California Cooking Vacation
8/23/12 12:34 PM

Wow, these are some delicious-sounding menus. Ours is simple--adult snacks for our toddler's late afternoon birthday party:

figs with pecorino romano
toasted hazelnuts with thyme and fleur de sel
chocolate truffle cake
lots of cava!

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of August 13-14, 2011

8/13/11 11:53 PM

Bubur (Indonesian conjee). Now my (non-Indonesian) husband makes it for our toddler.

What Was Your Mom's Home Cure for the Common Cold?
3/21/11 11:47 PM

beautiful boy

Happy Birthday Ryu
3/16/11 09:41 PM

I'm writing my dissertation and cannot, under any circumstances, work at home, where I am inevitably tempted to eat, sleep, and (especially) clean. I write at the library or at cafés.

Finding A Space To Write In Your Home
1/24/11 07:55 PM

I'm shocked--I've lived in Santa Cruz for 13 years, and this is my old neighborhood! Never thought it would be AT-worthy....

A Walking Tour: Mission Hill — Santa Cruz, California
11/12/10 12:17 AM

Northern California: Big Sur, Point Reyes, Mendocino (and San Francisco along the way).

What Should a Young UK Family See and Do in the US?
Good Questions

10/27/10 02:11 PM

Driving up the coast to pick pumpkins out of our favorite patch by the sea, returning to slow-cooked meals.

What's Your Favorite Family Fall Tradition?
9/23/10 07:26 PM

This makes my day.

Jarvis Cocker: From Pop Star to Preservationist
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8/18/10 02:30 PM

I'm part Indonesian. No one can separate me from my ikat (or my batik)!

5 Supposedly "Tired" Trends We Still Really Like | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/26/10 11:11 PM