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I have that same cuckoo clock!! I got it at a garage sale in a box of random junk. mines missing the roof tho..

Elizabeth and Daniel's Bright, Bold & Narrow Rowhome
House Tour

12/17/10 03:44 PM

I started recently with the cast Iron pan and now I finally have money for the bedding, I hadnt thought about the other things on the list tho...this came in handy!

5 Affordable Basics to Invest in for the New Year
12/14/10 06:40 PM

I thought this was pretty cute. well done.

Caitlin's Art Deco Apartment with a Parisian Flair
House Tour

11/17/10 12:08 PM

YAY! i can totally afford this...just have to buy

Paper Frames! Why Didn't We Think Of That?
Design Sponge

11/10/10 10:16 PM

ya'll are nutty.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 09:45 PM

awesome! my mom just forced a whole trunk full of apples on me this weekend from her farm, i had no idea what to do with them all...I'll take all the apple recipes you can post :)

Fritters to Sandwiches: A Selection of Fall Apple Recipes
Guest Post from Jennifer Bartoli of Chocolate Shavings

10/21/10 10:39 AM

it would be nice if I could see any of the pictures...giant ad right on top of them :(

Royal Blue: Color Close-Up
10/7/10 01:42 PM

the combonation of teal and red is one of my favorites, so pretty!

Trent's Laid Back Beachy Vibe
House Call

9/29/10 05:48 PM

AWESOME!! i have some but not enough to bbq with and I've been trying to get the old house smell out of my linen and clothes closets... Ive tried everything even down to bleach :( nothing worked! im gonna go try this right myah!

Charcoal Briquettes for the Smelly Home
9/21/10 11:15 AM

oh my. where has everyone's sense of humor gone? this is a DESIGN SITE we're not curing cancer.

Temporary Wall Art: Writing with Glitter & Glue
9/20/10 02:03 PM

I have that cookbook sitting in my shelf :)

From the Closet to the Kitchen: A T-Shirt Transformation | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/23/10 04:30 PM

That wasn't Homer , Satram. That was Cledus the hillbilly. lol hilarious either way.

An Easy Do-It-Yourself Statement Sign Here's Lookin at Me Kid | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/4/10 02:18 PM

AWESOME! I've been trying to clean the splatters off my textured windows for weeks now. thanks!

How To Remove Paint From Textured Glass Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/2/10 12:07 PM

wow these cabinets just will not DIE lol I have the same ones. I second the glossy dark brown motion

What Color to Paint Bathroom Cabinets? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/1/10 10:18 PM

kale chips are awesome!!! try them if you haven't.

Quick and Light: 14 Ideas for Fresh and Easy Snacks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/28/10 11:57 AM

I just found this and I'm so glad I did!!! It's very inspiring.

House Tour: Tanya's Romantic Color Infusion New Hampshire | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/2/10 02:07 PM

I'm the kind of M.P. Nerd that can quote the movies line for line....drives my husband nuts hahah

Win The Art of the Modern Movie Poster and Monty Python Poster from Posteritati! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/17/09 10:58 AM

I wanna try this line a lot but I can't find it within a 200 mile radius of home! lol

Win this Eco-Friendly Cleaning Line from Method! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/17/09 10:54 AM

love this bedding!!!

Win this Morning Glory Bedding from Inhabit! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/17/09 10:52 AM

Courtachino , I found a yellow velvet couch JUST like yours not too long ago. Mines almost exactly the same except its a camel back with a carved wood detail on the back.The owner was evicted and she just gave it to me. BEST COUCH EVER.

What's Your Favorite Secondhand Find? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/16/09 10:13 AM