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Doug - no, you´re not the only one.. and thanks for asking!

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6/1/08 07:08 PM

Being a Vet student pets are a must. I live in a small two bedroom apartment and I once had about 5 dogs (medium to large sized strays) running around here waiting to find a permanent home, that really kept me on my toes.

I´m moving next week to a house with a backyard and my 13 year old shep mix is going to love me for it, no more busy kids running around while he just wants to sleep in the sun.
I also have an adorable guinea pig (I don´t usually brag but he´s got a really neat house) and I´m thinking of getting him a friend.

There´s going to be a couple more Vet students living with me and it´s going to be interesting to see how long it takes us before the animals take up the house and we end up sleeping outside in tents. :) We´re also going to have an artist in the house, I´m just hoping they don´t try to paint zebra stripes on the walls

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1/29/08 06:53 PM

When I moved out of the U.S. after years of using dryers I was kind of upset, yeah. It takes a little more time to dry, and you have to be careful when it rains.. but it really makes a huge difference in your clothes!! No more shrunken shirts anymore! :)

Apartment Therapy - Project Laundry List
11/14/07 01:43 PM

Well I think it's cute, only if the child got to actually have a say in the theme. I remember when I was little my mom and I decorated my room in a jungle theme.. and it was awesome I loved it. And it really was over the top.. with branches, real life looking animal toys, etc. So I'm all for the themed rooms, as long as the kid loves is too.

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11/14/07 01:36 PM

This "cooking method" is funny in a very disgusting kinda way. It might be kind of neat as a joke, but to actually eat using the dishwasher is just wrong...

Apartment Therapy - Dishwasher Lasagna Slinks n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/12/07 06:51 PM

Love the mix of the turquoise and orange! Winner!!!

Apartment Therapy - #2- Heather's Aqua in Austin
10/5/07 06:50 PM

I love it!! The colors are fantastic!! Not really fond with the bathroom, but everything else is so nice!

Apartment Therapy - #9 - Nathaniel Keith's Blue Period
10/5/07 06:44 PM

I really like it, but I feel like it´s missing personal touches.. I love the building structure and the bathroom is really pretty.

Apartment Therapy - #8 - K M's Color Expressions
10/5/07 06:39 PM

What an awsome room!! I would love to have something like that!

Apartment Therapy - #6 - Amber in Norfolk's Tiffany Smile
10/5/07 06:31 PM

It looks really fun, but there are so many brights there that I wouldn´t be able to relax. I love the kitchen though!

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Colormyworld's Awakening
10/5/07 06:29 PM

I love unique names! Mostly because I have one hahaha.. the first part of my name is my grandmothers name on my father´s side, and the second part of my name is my grandmothers name on my mother´s side. The funny thing is that it´s not like a first name and a middle name.. it´s just two names stuck together. I love it because it´s always starts up some kind of conversation. But it´s easy enough to just call me by my first half so people don´t get confused, it´s versatil.

I have only met two people with my name, one being Mexico’s Ambassador to Haiti (when I met her she was the Consul of Mexico in Salt Lake City) and another passerby in an airport that had a name tag. I really like my name, I feel really bonded with my family (both sides being so different), and I love the fact that I´m the only one who has it!!

I love Liam for a boy, but I also like Santiago (in spanish) so.. we´ll just see when the time comes... finding a name that sounds good in two languages can be very hard

Apartment Therapy - Blogging ABC News: The Great Baby Naming Dilemma
9/21/07 08:47 PM

I just hang everything up, mostly because I hate organizing drawers and also because I´m lucky enough to have 2 closets and not a lot of clothes (maybe not so lucky :). I don´t have a dryer, so when I get my clothes out of the washer, I just put them on hangers, and out on my clothesline .. then just stick them in the closet after they are dry.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Organizing Drawers
8/26/07 06:38 PM

I have tasted it and I really like it, it´s creamier and it gives me a "fresh of the farm" feel. I always boil the milk before drinking it just to kill any bugs, and use the "cream" that forms on top to spread on some toast. It´s yummy.
I would buy it for regular consumption but I´m to lazy to get up that early and the whole boiling thing is kind of a drag.

Survey: Have You Ever Tasted Raw Milk?
8/10/07 11:39 AM