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all very lovely but please lose that terrible builder fixture chandelier horror. even a paper lantern would work

Michael's Masculine & Modern Open Studio
House Tour

8/11/11 03:18 PM

disgusting. I hate this look, deeply.

Loose-Fitting Slipcovers: Shabby or Chic?
8/5/11 12:44 PM

I swear NOTHING is new anymore. There's nothing duller than a "lifestyle" blog that's merely links to things OTHER people have created, invented, or brought to market. You show me how you've been inspired by something? I'm interested. You post all day about "Oh, I love these towels (books, perfume, paints, etc.)" and I tune RIGHT out.

Gwyneth + Apartment Therapy = Design Twins?
8/4/11 04:09 PM

I agree with most of the above-- hardly recent, overexposed, time to move on... a variation is due? Different trees? Same pattern in a more vivid color?

Birch Inspired Wallpaper Ideas for Almost Any Room
7/29/11 12:51 PM

charming. I didnt think i was going to like it, but i do. It IS a lot of stuff, but somehow it's not completely overwhelming, and there's nice styling overall. But, and I love you, I do.. but you HAVE TO get rid of that overhead ceiling fixture in the main room with the arc lamp... it's a sore thumb in a land of lovely

Trace & Lisa's Eclectic Living on Capital Hill
House Tour

7/29/11 12:44 PM

modern with soul. LOVE it

Jeff & Mary's Mod Home (and Airstream!) Rehab
House Tour

7/16/11 01:33 PM

there is no "there" there. What IS this? I see brown sofas, white walls, bookcase clutter and a melted candle.

Misako & Doug's Best Upper West (Side) Apartment
House Tour

7/16/11 11:35 AM

She's addressing Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo.. They must be thrilled no one can remember the name!

Jeff Lewis is Still Flipping Out…and Doing Home Makeovers
7/7/11 03:23 PM

I really wanted to hate it.. and I don't! Not at all! Hopelessly, delightfully... RIGHT. not trite, not a huge DWR collection... traditional, mod mix.. Love. Beautifully done.

Pete & James' Natural & Neon Loft
House Tour

4/14/11 01:34 PM


Steve & Glen's Joshua Tree Retreat
House Tour

3/15/11 07:31 AM

this really didn't need that ribbon of penny rounds

Before & After: Bathroom Renovation by Frission Design
Professional Project

2/7/11 12:43 PM

charming.. so happy that hideous trim is painted over and removed... did nothing for the space

Before & After: Traditional Bungalow Modernized
2/2/11 10:54 AM

the whole thing is charming, truly. My only beefs are I recognize a lot of the same stuff I bought from IKEA (which I guess just confirms my good taste... :) ) and I would have loved anything but the red in the LR... maybe have pulled that deep navy out of the rug? Something about that red is just too "pottery barn catalog" to me. congrats though its beautiful !

Scott Leaves the Suburbs Behind
House Tour

1/13/11 05:57 PM

I wanted to hate this the second anyone mentioned Nancy Meyers, but I gotta say this comes off supremely "undecorated", honest, sincere, uncloying, and charming. Just lovely

The Wheelers' Fresh Eclectic Home
House Tour

12/13/10 01:35 PM

this is just RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. Elegant without being contrived; massmarket enough to be accessible without looking like a catalog page; personal, heartfelt, and with an appreciation for the classics. TRUE kudos.

Christina's Stylish (with a Touch of Humor) Home
House Tour

10/29/10 05:20 PM

Glad to see someone likes Asbury Park too.. :)

Chris Liz's Lodgey Loungey Living Quarters House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
7/9/10 09:26 AM

I'm having a weird moment... I own that EXACT same couch and just painted an accent wall in my LR to same shade of slighter rustier orange...!

Dale Adam's Detailed Duplex House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/23/10 12:53 PM

I hear you Patrick.. the whole thing feels like "online Domino". NOT that that's bad... did you even see a stack of back issues on a coffee table in one of the shots?

Inspiration from Issue 5 of Lonny Magazine | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/11/10 12:43 PM

looks like the Roost chandelier that's everywhere (including the remodeled Dallas BBQ) . pretty unoriginal

Raine's Fabulous Chandelier BKLYN Designs 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
5/12/10 08:52 PM

I think the one thing that makes these different than KCACO is that most of these ARE different... different cities, locations, typefaces, vintages, etc. It's not like the same repeated message over and over, PLUS I agree with a previous poster.. if there's an element of nostalgia involved, (a city you used to live in, hometown, etc) it works better for me, though of course how anyone would know that unless you told them is beyond me.

Are Vintage Transit Scrolls the New "Keep Calm"? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/5/10 01:05 PM