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We have the encased coil plush--and love it. After 3 1/2 years it is still amazing.

Whenever we are away, we miss our bed. I noticed the natural coil did not have an option of extra-plush, plush or firm the way the model we have does (the "natural" wasn't an option when we bought our bed in 2007).

Review: Encased Coil Natural Mattress by Room & Board
A Year in Bed

5/2/11 02:29 PM

Red is my favorite!

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7/15/08 06:45 PM

Wrinkles be gone!

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1/31/08 08:31 AM

Love Angela Adams!

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12/20/07 05:10 PM

love the chocolate!

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12/18/07 04:40 PM

This would be great in my house!

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Love the George!

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12/6/07 08:19 PM

This would be a great addition to my newly apartment-therapized home!

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12/4/07 05:07 PM

I would like to best test!

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/17/07 09:37 AM

Thanks for all of the advice. The software I used to create the floorplan is on the site under "room planner."

FYI... the "wall" from the fireplace is not a wall at all, it is completely open and the real wall is actually a couple of feet beyond--the apartment is typicall NYC with a long hallway with the rooms off the hallway--which is why I hesitate to put any big furniture at the bottom of the picture.

And, unfortunately, the fireplace is really nothing to write home abou--having the exposed brick is nice, but the "fireplace" itself is not so attractive.

I was also hesitant to put the desk at the bottom of the picture because I wanted to tuck it away and not be the first thing someone saw as they approached the living room. The approach is from where the sofa is currently (the sofa butts up against the wall to the kitchen).

Thanks again--I have lots to experiement with!

Good Questions: Does My Room Flow?
8/10/07 09:57 AM