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oh i would hate to be the guest that spills a glass of red wine on the dining room carpet......!

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern, Family –Friendly New York Apartment Martha Stewart Living
8/21/09 05:57 PM

how could 6 people possibly be comfortable dining at such a small table? there's something really wrong with the proportions of that room.
and what are the things on the "ghost" pedestal - they look like dancing gargoyles!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Can You Spot the Winning Room? California Home Design Readers Choice Contest
7/8/09 04:59 PM

Motel Bel Air in Mojave. Quintessential motel decor: the 50's neon sign and cacti outside and marled brown carpet, orange polyester curtains (keep the candles away!) inside... The bathroom floors are hand-painted!
I love motels!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Travel Inspiration: Motels
7/7/09 06:31 PM

I totally second arroyo's advice: live in the house and save for unexpected repairs that unfortunately occur eventually. I think the blue walls are what is most "overwhelming" about the overall feel of the room and just painting over with a neutral shade that matches the countertop/backsplash will make a world of difference. Changing the cabinet hardware will help too and the whole thing will come way under $300, unlike the whole cabinet painting, counter/floor cover ripping business (although I command everyone's amazing input!).
Save that $300 to slurge on a light fixture or sink or whatnot when you are ready to undertake the overhaul. Save your energy for settling in and good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Quick Kitchen Fix Until Renovation?
3/20/09 06:22 PM

I like the sound it makes when the wind blows.
An empty bag beats a full one. There used to be one caught up in a tree on my street in front of an apartment building. Considering the people that live in it, we figured someone threw it out their window instead of walking it down to the curb. Anyhow, that full bag, full with trash, dangled up there all throughout winter. Everytime I walked home, I wondered if/when it would crash and spill its ghastly contents on me... It's gone now. As should every plastic store bag be banned. The new "problem" now is how many cloth/reusable bags we end with - we had that conversation the other day: you end up in a store without your tote and buy another one out of guilt!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Plastic Bag in the Tree
3/19/09 05:51 PM

On a practical level, I wonder if people really know what they are really getting into with the "open shelving" concept. I have one in my kitchen and the glass containers (in which I store pasta, grains, etc) lined on it get extremely greasy from all the cooking and then dust settles and it creates a messy yuk. I clean them as often as I can, but I can't imagine having to do that with each plate, glass, cup whenever I need them! Life is way too short to spend it scrubbing! It's really pretty and all, all these color and shape coordinated items but not geared towards efficiency.
How do you reach for those bowls anyway? Do you ever use them? Isn't this planet in limbo partly because of over-consumption and greed?!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Spotlight: Lori's Serene Farmhouse
3/17/09 06:27 PM

Upon returning from a trip to France, my mom gave me a porcelain ciccada in which you put lavender branches. Hanging it above your front door is supposed to bring happiness into your home. It's the first thing I unpacked and installed when I moved into my house. When I visited Rwanda, I noticed most of the dwellings had these amazing trees (no leaves just huge red flowers that looklike fuzzy balls) growing in front of them. They were said to bring good fortune. I took pictures and hung one in my entryway.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Decorating for Luck?
3/13/09 04:31 PM

I nap with my cat! Cats know their naps. She plops like a pancake on my chest and it's as if our heartbeats synchronize.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Cat Napping: A Weekend Treat
1/27/09 08:24 AM

A friend of mine sanded and stained her parquet living/dining room last year... Disaster, huge no-no! Of course she did it herself with the help of a friend (result might be different by a professional), but parquet is not hardwood! It's glued wood. How could you expect to get a nice finish?! And she picked a dark walnut stain hue: makes all the sanding irregularities and dust (!!!!!) stand out. In a nutshell: she ruined perfectly good floors. Spend your money on rugs!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Salvaging Parquet Flooring?
1/23/09 08:48 AM

funny. i would paint the table white. or as comicgeek mentioned swap the chairs for white ones - they're great chairs btw, don't paint them!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: To Paint or Not to Paint Dining Chairs?
1/14/09 11:42 AM

trygve: at least six
late april to september (thanks to global warming; t'was not like that when i was growing up 30 some years ago)
we're having the best summer weather so far right now
then it's bundle up, drink plenty, make lots of soup and stews and nothing beats cuddling up to your significant other under a fluffy comforter

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Escapes: Out on the Balcony Montreal
8/29/08 02:45 PM

i thought it was leigh wells
same lamola doodleness
then again i never go to starbucks

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Art Spotting San Francisco
8/29/08 02:37 PM

OUI Laura! Call your teacher!
When I saw the picture, I went: wait a minute, that's a typical Montreal staircase! Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay here!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Moving Day
8/6/08 01:14 PM

original music? sounds like coldplay!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: Springtime Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic
5/5/08 06:00 AM

for the fixtures, American Standard has something similar in lines - check their website for the "One" collection.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Similar and More Affordable Sink?
4/23/08 05:11 PM

"national treasure" is a bit far-retched..........

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Finds: TV's Jessica's Grandma's House
4/16/08 03:21 AM

Very nice!
I would love to know which paint you used in the kitchen and in the kid bedroom...!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour Boston: Jeanine's Sun-Filled House
4/2/08 11:39 AM

They all look really diy; unbalanced and awkward...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Back Splashes in the Bathroom
3/25/08 03:46 PM

Speaking about starck and sterile... I don't know if it's because the pictures were taken on an overcast day, the flash making everything flat and blah... Great space and all the expensive classic mid-century pieces we all covet, but where's the SOUL? Where's the beating heart? Plants? Poor doggy!

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Jennifer & Joseph's Cliff May mod
11/21/07 03:43 AM

I use the SORTERA bins from Ikea. You can stack them, yet always have access due to the folding lid and they look neat.

Apartment Therapy - Containers for Recycling and Compost
11/12/07 12:04 PM