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Reading The Zombie Survival Guide is highly recommended! It's got everything you need to know to protect yourself.

Zombies are Attacking! Which House Do You Hide In?
11/11/10 11:03 AM

@crazydoglady - Thanks! I don't get that much light in the bedroom, but I'm hoping for a cozy feeling.

@hunted - Thanks for the much appreciated input. I was also considering doing the trim in something other than white. What color did you use?

My Perfect Blue House
9/30/10 03:38 PM

I'm painting my bedroom navy (Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy) in the next week. It's the first time I'll have dark walls and I'm a bit nervous. I've already bought the paint so here goes...

My Perfect Blue House
9/29/10 01:42 PM

That's really nice except for the text... What pre-schoolers would (or could) write that? Hmmm...

Create A Marble Painting Masterpiece
9/3/10 09:27 AM

Another loud hooray for carnations!

Unsung Heroes of the Supermarket Cooler
Garden Party

8/20/10 04:24 PM

A true story...

Phone call number one
Me: I'm RSVPing to attend Z's bridal shower. Does she has a registry?
Sister of Z: No, registries are tacky.

Phone call number two
Me: As you know Z has particular tastes and I'm having a hard time finding the right gift. I want to make sure I get Z something she wants. Has she started a registry?
Sister of Z: No, registries are tacky.

Phone call number three
Me: OK, I've thought long and hard and I want to make Z a huge floral arrangement. I'll make it so it's a labor of love.
Sister of Z: That's tacky.
Me: Hmmm, I'm starting to think that word is highly subjective.

Tacky or Tasteful? Registering For a Housewarming | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/11/10 05:13 PM

You put together a piece of furniture without instructions while staying up late to watch Wrath of Khan? Are you my lost twin sister?

Inspiration: Vintage Multi-Functional Furniture Small Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/3/10 10:43 AM

I have to say I love it. As a WWII buff, I read it as more of an homage.

Having studied a lot of military history, including personal letters home, I've developed a heightened sense of the horrors of war without personally experiencing it. Weapons and a yearning for home is an enormous part of what troops live with everyday. So while I don't see it as sickening and definitely not playful, I'm really drawn to it.

Likely that's why I want to and do see it as an homage.

Commonwealth Utilities Dinner Party | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/19/10 09:01 PM

I have a skylight and I love it, of course. I feel I deserve it since the bathroom (and apartment) is really small and I'm on the top floor of an old walk-up building.

Natural Light in the Bathroom Roundup | Apartment Therapy DC
3/19/10 08:41 PM

Funny enough Hilda has a photo book she sells through her blog. It's of... NYC.

Great Ideas from A Small Kitchen | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/10/10 03:21 PM

While I'm not a fan of books organized by color, all the Harry Potter books are together and in sequential order... and that's good enough for me.

I love the secret door!

Home Hack for Mystery Lovers: Secret Door | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/10/10 01:43 PM

The building with the glass balconies... isn't that on Centre Market Place? Like right by Built by Wendy?

Downtown Chic by Robert and Cortney Novogratz Book Review | Apartment Therapy DC
1/26/10 05:09 PM

I hang my hair dryer from an "S" hook on a rod. The ribbon looks pretty but the "S" hook is less fussy.

Storing a Hair Dryer with Strip of Ribbon and a Hook | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
11/25/09 05:28 PM

"Guess who this is" for number 4 only works well if your group is racially homogeneous. Take it from someone who would have liked to fully participate in this game at a gathering, but everyone knew which photo was mine with no guessing whatsoever.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Throw A 1-2-3-4-5 Party & Let Your Guests Do The Work
11/5/09 02:22 PM