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Really interesting ideas. Loved the shower in the first photo. But the follow-up comments are just as well taken. If you plan to rent or sell in some future time, repainting is so much easier if the buyer/renter hates your color scheme. But having to live with something as edgy and personal as some of these other designs would be something else entirely. And yes, looks like these, except maybe the Swedish hotel bathroom, will tire pretty quickly. Perfect in a hotel - you don't have to live with it!

Don'ts Worth Doing: Design Ideas from Hotel Bathrooms
5/25/11 03:17 PM

PS I also note that there are almost no lamps in the living room. So unless it's lit by gorgeous urban lighting, it must be pretty strange at night - one light from the ceiling and three small balls with very narrow beams of light in one corner. And it's a pretty large double-seating space!

Angela's Posh Pad
House Tour

4/8/11 08:50 PM

I am always a little surprised when I look at sleek, pared down spaces like these and there is nary a book. And from what I can see, just one photo. Seems like a person without a past. There is an eerie beauty to the place and the space itself, with that great indoor/outdoor space (much more useful than an urban terrace), looks terrific for city living. But I'm not sure I'd like to hang around for very long. Lots of remnants of formerly living things. Even the paintings? The couch is beautiful - with the hide - but does not look very comfortable. I think most of us want to like it but it's perhaps too glacially personal to be loved.

Angela's Posh Pad
House Tour

4/8/11 06:01 PM

Yes, yes, this is the MOST ELEGANT house I have ever seen on AT. It exemplifies the mix of furniture and accesories, bought over time, in a manner that is tasteful, relaxed but NOT looking decorated. This glimpse was a privilege.

Kathleen & Maurizio's Imported Italian Home
House Tour

2/14/11 12:58 PM

Why does cluttered mean "lived in" for so many people? One can have a neat home and still have it be un-staged-looking and lived in, with all of one's beloved objects visible but in their place. She does have very pretty main objects such as the settee and the bed, but all the stuff that does not seem to have a place takes away from the overall feeling she is wanting to transmit. I also feel that given the size of the space, there are objects such as the lamp next to the very delicate and graceful settee that are out of proportion and also take away from the main pieces. There is something to be said for what another observer said: that everything doesn't necessarily have to be out at once. I have an overall sense of chaos rather than artfulness and when it tries to be artful, it looks like there was no better place for the object - boots, bags, blouses, etc. There is very little that feels restful for the long term.

Savannah's Sophisticated Studio Apartment
House Tour

1/20/11 02:33 PM

I've lived in Spain for many years and most of their drain systems are over the sink. It works beautifully. I did the same thing in my own apartment in Spain, using the afore-mentioned the Ikea model. There are lots of more expensive set ups but if you don't have a lot of dishes and like the clean look, it's a very practical solution for using the counter space for something more useful.

Dish Racks Up Off the Countertop
1/3/11 07:11 PM

I think it's a terrific idea for a guest room in a small apartment/house. When not in use, it can act as a delightful spot to read or take a nap. It also looks cozy and inviting as this photograph proves and takes very little room. I have a friend who had a small one bedroom in SF who turned a large hall closet into her alcove guest bed and it was delightful. No door. Lace curtain instead.

A Pattern Language on Bed Alcoves
12/2/10 03:17 PM

sunnygirlsf, cannot log onto your favorite alcove beds.

Anyone have a thought about how best to make an alcove bed that has only one open side?

Great Alcove Beds That Will Inspire You
12/2/10 03:12 PM

It was disappointing to see such a charming urban setting so unimaginatively "dressed". I assume that the entrance photo involves several houses? And that perhaps the plastic furniture and other detritus belongs to neighbors?
And yes. The fireplaces. I have a friend who has a non-working fireplace in her kitchen and she has hung pots and pans in it - it looks wonderful. Putting a tv in front of one is incomprehensible. Especially if you actually like having one! Even if it doesn't work. I suspect that part of their problem is that the rooms are really tiny but still. You can do a lot with crates, old boards, fabrics, cushions, none of which are expensive, that would do justice to such a unique little urban home. And yes, the photography left a lot to be desired. Perhaps there wasn't much to photograph? Looks very much like a work in progress; learning progress. We all have to start somewhere.

Auni's Cottage in the City
House Tour

11/8/10 05:09 PM

This is way out of my age range, I guess. I might lose my mind after a half hour gawking at the barbies and other doll paraphanalia. If Pee Wee Herman were a girl, I'm sure his place would look a lot like this.

Darian's Darling Glam Den
House Tour

11/2/10 05:59 PM

Is it just me? I'm having difficulty entering house tours. This one for instance and others - I can't continue beyond a half dozen photographs.

House Tour: Shaker Color and Details | Apartment Therapy New York
6/25/10 08:37 AM

Ditto the bathroom. I think the teeny tiny washbowl is highly impractical as is the area around it. OK if it's your guest bathroom but not ok if you're trying to be neat about yours and your companion's traveling stuff. The ideas look good - love the curtain "separating" the bedroom, and the placing of the seating area to both separate the desk and save on space is imaginative. But things look a little cheap. I'd love to see how they hold up after a couple of years. We've stayed in two Kimptons in DC - one on Sixteenth Street - which made me think I was in a bordello - never been to one, but this made me think that one might want to emulate the look, and the other on P st, two blocks from Dupont Circle. This one was a lot more adult looking but in its effort to be edgy, it went too far with gimicky stuff all over that made the place look like it was trying too hard to be with it. Usually, less and simple is the ultimate in good taste. This one looks fun and un pretentious but I'll bet the prices required a little more comfort than what this room, at least, seems to offer.

Look! Rockin' at the Helix in DC Last Week | Apartment Therapy New York
6/17/10 05:02 PM

I have a burning question. What happens to all the rooftop furniture when it rains? Where do you put it in the winter? Washington has nasty weather - even the tail ends of hurricanes!

Joff's Carefully Curated Triplex House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
6/4/10 04:23 PM

Yes, I'd like to know the name of the climber as well. And the use or reuse of the fencing is good and pretty to see.

Look! Refreshing the Garden for the New Season | Apartment Therapy New York
6/4/10 03:57 PM

No one seems to have said anything about the floors. They are stunning and rather a surprise in a bungalow. Yes? Or was this something you added. How large is the house? Wish it had been a more complete tour. I think I'm missing things.

Scott's From Brooklyn to a Beach Bungalow House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/2/10 07:47 PM

Fantastic space but I too am puzzled by the spaces. Are there three stories? Some of them look like basement spaces.

Richard & Julie's Elegant Industrial Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/2/10 06:59 PM

One of the most beautiful AT spaces ever. My favorite room is the dark-walled sitting room. What color is the paint? And the only detail that surprised me is the small size of the washbowl. At first I thought it was a guest bathroom but realize it's the only bathroom and only washbowl. And there is room for something larger. But other than that, the apartment is a joy. And I don't want to go on and on about the view and the buildings that act as backdrops and extentions of the shapes and colors indoors... Urban heaven. A place you won't get tired of for a long long time. And a solace from the madding world below.

Sandy & Joe's Bewitching Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/14/10 08:23 PM

True about missing a look at the kitchen and bath. And curiously, I felt the Ikea shelf unit in the living room took away from the great combination of textures, fabrics and designs in the room. Great quirky combination of things that work. Of course, the ceiling, the floors and windows are incredible. But while the picture of the vase against the rained-on window may not have been technically of the house, it was very pretty. Looks like you had a lot of fun putting pieces together. And is that a lamp or a decorative piece over the desk? I know you've been in Paris visiting with the creators. But I live in Carlisle PA and this is all too rarified for me. So I'd love to know. Your Paris trip in delightful.

Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/16/10 05:50 PM

Paris is indeed one of the urban wonders of the West. I don't remember the times I've been there - maybe 8 or 9? The last time just three years ago. By and large, it was as lovely and memorable as on my first visit in 1965. Luxembourg Gardens is a year-round delight but is truly woundrous in Spring when the chestnuts begin to blossom and the children are out in force. I'm glad AT has given us a chance to be tempted and to remember, what it is about Paris that is universal. Thanks for your lovely intimate and discerning photographs. You look very happy.

April in Paris Style: Batch Two | Apartment Therapy New York
4/14/10 04:11 PM

Yes, as a former New Yorker with a one bedroom brownstone walk-up, I'm also interested in the "temporary" one bedroom detail. I also miss a more general picture of the livingroom. With that said, I found the apartment delightful from entrance to bath. I'm enthralled with the fabric on the living room lamps! I'm amazed at all the comments about too much stuff. After the oohs and aahs over apartments that one could barely walk through, I can't believe this apartment feels overfull to so many. It's not meant to be minimalist! It's an apartment with soul and heart. The entrance is especially remarkable - it's usually a challenging space in any small apartment.

Lauren's First Solo Flight House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/18/10 03:11 PM