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I was offered (yes it was a present ) a swiffer base but the wipers are a huge waste of money compared to microfibre, I just put a washable microfibre mop.

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 05:08 PM

If this column was a competition that would be a WIN ! What a remarkable story, I admit my eyes teared up a little.

My Favorite Thing: Sophie Demenge Apartment Therapy Videos
3/24/14 05:19 PM

Best thing about furnishing a tiny flat in Paris: I found most of my furniture on the sidewalk, people here are generous with their midcentury heirlooms :

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/22/14 07:59 PM

This mad me smile, it reminds me of the song "It could not please me more" in Cabaret aka The pineapple song

A Brief History of the Hospitality Pineapple
3/1/14 09:18 AM

i'm into gallery walls a lot but a majestic painting would have complimented this amazing set of table and chairs. And the paper templates look much better with the room than the actual pictures.

How To: Create a Gallery Wall
2/4/12 05:23 AM

@vegetalion: Charlie26 is obviously a troll.

8 Easy Energy Saving Tips for the Kitchen
Natural Home & Garden

1/5/12 07:14 PM

This is it!

Sacha's "Fornasetti" Room
11/9/11 05:41 PM

Which entry is the lime green wall from ??? I can't seem to find it.

10 New Must-See Room for Color Entries: Week Two
11/4/11 07:17 AM

Fantastic use of colour. Would love to see pictures of the garden at night with all the lights you've added.

Erin's "Backyard Wedding" Outdoor Room
10/29/11 07:05 PM

I feel pure envy right now.

Ben & Aja's Boiler Room Loft
House Tour

10/1/11 01:01 PM

Thank you for letting us in !

Sean Yashar's Think Pad
House Tour

7/24/11 04:54 PM

Really special and heartfelt. This is my favorite house tour in a long time.

Stacey & John's Crazy Quilt of An Apartment
House Tour

6/22/11 02:52 PM

Yes. Hopefully a brilliant entrepreneur will start up a French take on this in Paris too!

Packaging-Free Shopping Coming to Texas
6/16/11 04:52 PM

A panic house, huh? Well I guess if you're a warlord or in a witness program you might enjoy it.

Would You Live in This Safe House?
6/8/11 02:13 PM

It's so great to have built a space where the little one can play ball indoors. It's so important in a rainy city. In a regular house parents would worry the kid could break stuff, that's not an issue here.

Lola & Eric's Sweet, Streamlined Home
Green Tour

6/4/11 07:53 PM

Wow it's brilliant those pieces are museum worthy. You are very lucky, they are beauties. I look forward to see if they can be restored while keeping their patina. Keep us posted.

What Year Were These Fiberglass Chairs Made?
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5/27/11 03:43 AM

Beautiful craftsmanship. The bench and coffee table are a total success. The most cohesive rooms are the ones where you have art : the nursery, bedroom and office. It takes time to find the perfect piece for a room, keep up the good work.

Tom & Sam's True DIY
House Tour

5/27/11 03:05 AM

Why are you not leaving it empty ?

What To Put On Top Of EXPEDIT Unit?
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5/25/11 01:05 PM

Sheer love. Love the curtains and windows in Maceo's room.

Sarah & Craig's Jamaica Plain Treetop Treasure
House Tour

5/24/11 03:02 PM

Yep meant 60

Jack & Finn's Colorful Cupboard
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #41

5/20/11 03:56 AM