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Oh loislane, why the negativity?

It's just great that the guy has turned a wonderful passion for vintage and modern design into a very satisfying work, and can also share the items with us. Will definitely check him out since I am in the LA area. Thanks AT!

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1/23/09 06:29 PM

CleanWell is also available at Target and at Bath and Body Works. I love that their products contain all natural ingredients and contain no synthetics, and that they are toxic-free and completley biodegradable. And they use thyme - a natural antibacterial!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Eco-Friendly Hand Soaps Under $5#comments#comments
1/21/09 01:44 PM

Not only does it look pretty, it looks functional too! I love all the compartments. Thanks for the giveaway, AT!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: 03.20.08
3/24/08 09:53 AM

Great idea!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How to: Make a Toilet Roll Extension Cord Holder
3/14/08 01:30 PM

That beautiful yellow rug makes all the difference and brightens up the place! This goes to show that we can simply transform a place regardless of how much time you have.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Before and After: Step by Step Room TransformationO at Home
3/12/08 09:48 AM

This would be so helpful for my household since we've adopted house rabbits and a dog, all of whom shed very heavily! Thanks for the giveaway, AT!

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3/7/08 08:42 AM

My favorite is scrambled, but love hard boiled eggs on my salads, and also over-hard spinkled with salt and pepper.

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3/7/08 08:31 AM

That's great that people now have an option to use a public restroom in New York. They installed a few of those in downtown San Francisco a few years ago, and when I lived there, I continued my habit of going to the restrooms that only the locals knew about - hotels, department stores, etc. Just as Lavren mentioned it is indeed a "special talent." These public restrooms are especially great for tourists and those who don't know of any other facilities to use in the City.

Apartment Therapy New York | NYC's New Public Bathrooms by Cemusa
3/6/08 02:52 PM

Meghan, you mentioned that your couch is an odd color and I don't think that at all. It's pretty neutral, so you have so many paint color options to choose from. You can go any where from bold to subtle. The dilemma is coming up with a paint color that both you and your boyfriend are happy with. Since he's not a big fan of experimenting with color, perhaps go with neutrals (like grays, browns) and choose colorful accessories (at least accessories are easier to change!). I can also imagine a nice sage or a dusty blue as well. Perhaps your boyfriend wouldn't mind that too much? Have fun and good luck, girl!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Wall Color to Complement "Cobblestone" Sofa?
3/6/08 02:38 PM

Beautiful tiles SFGail! Love the shower fixtures too. Tell your husband that he did a wonderful job laying out all those tiles! What an accomplishment.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Flickr Finds: SFgail's Bathroom
3/6/08 02:17 PM

Abby, I think the tiles in your bathroom are really pretty. They remind me of something Anthropologie would have. So sad that PDX01 is creating negative comments based on just two photos/tiny snipets of your bathroom before seeing it in its entirety. Once again folks, have respect for others. What may be beautiful or unattractive for you, may not be for some and that's perfectly fine because in the long run, it's you that needs to be happy with it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Feng Shui For The Bathroom
3/6/08 02:02 PM

Having family in Hawaii and being raised with Hawaiian philosophy and traditions on the mainland, it's been a habit for me to apply this custom of taking off your shoes before entering any home. I'm also a hula dancer and before entering our halau (hula studio), everyone automatically takes off their shoes. This custom was originated years ago in order to keep red dirt, which is prevalent in Hawaii, from entering and dirtying homes. Here on the mainland, I think it works too because you just never know what kind of dirt and bacteria you carry inside your home via your shoes!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Reader Poll: Shoes on or off in your house?
3/6/08 01:51 PM

Caroline K - well said! It's easy for some people to make fun of, criticize or follow a stereotype of something that they're not familiar with. I'm a believer in Feng Shui as well and before people should criticize it and criticize the people who follow it, I suggest that they educate themselves first about this age-old spiritual art and philosophy of organizing, decorating and maintaining a home/space. It may not be for you, but give some respect to those who follow it. I have heard of stories and also experienced life changing events after a simple Feng Shui change in the home. What I think is the most altering change is the positive thinking that's come of it. And I think because of the positive mentality, you create a sense of balance, happiness and peace not only in your home but life in general. Believe it or not, Feng Shui is one way to create harmony in your home and life. =)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Feng Shui For The Bathroom
3/6/08 01:01 PM

Beautiful! Reminds me a lot of Anthropologie's Reef Collection, and for a fraction of the cost at Tiffany's:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sea Urchin Bone China from Tiffany & Co.
2/20/08 12:24 PM

Melissa, how you renovated your place is A-MAZ-ING! Your next place I'm sure will be just as wonderful since you have that natural ability to transform a home into a beautiful living space. I live in Orange County now but grew up just up the hill from Cole Valley off of Clayton. Love that neighborhood. Wish I could move back. Thanks for sharing photos of your place and good luck on your move! =)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Melissa's Remodeled Cole Valley Condo
1/29/08 03:16 PM

Just lovely!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Sara Paloma Bottle
1/25/08 12:38 PM

Lovely lamp with clean lines. Would love to win. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Latina Lamp from Global Lighting
1/17/08 08:53 AM

Pine Tree in brown. Thanks so much for the giveaway AT!

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1/10/08 03:36 PM

My, I wish I had that dilemma! Victorian homes are among San Francisco's famous landmarks, let alone a part of its history and charm. I'd consider myself extremely lucky if I could afford one. It can be restored beautifully and can be set-up with all the modern conveniences. I know everyone has their own preferences, but the problem with the person's statement is his/her use of "supposed to". Either you like it or you don't; and not go with what you're "supposed to" like or follow a certain group or trend. What a shame. Being a native San Franciscan, and now living in Orange County, one of the things I miss most is seeing a street lined with colorful Victorians.

Apartment Therapy - Condo or Victorian?Slinks n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/18/07 10:58 AM

Wonderful colors in every room! I especially love the soothing green color in the master bedroom. May I ask what paint brand/color name it is? Beautiful space, Elaine! You go girl!

Apartment Therapy - Inside Out: Elaine's Perfect Finds#comments
9/26/07 09:32 AM