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I have felt coasters I bought on easy that I love. we have a glass coffee table that scratches if you look at it the wrong way.

Look! Coaster Made from Buttons
10/16/13 12:21 PM

With input from two of the leading IPA brewers in the United States- Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada- Spiegelau has created the new standard for IPA beer glassware.

The First Glass Just for IPAs: The Spiegelau IPA Glass Beer Sessions
10/16/13 11:18 AM

Simple and functional button coaster made with only a needle, color of your choice thread, and some matching size buttons.

Look! Coaster Made from Buttons
10/12/13 03:34 PM

I love these coaster, thanks so much for sharing! I'm thinking these along with a trivet or two would make cute little Christmas gifts. Nice to add to a basket with a few mugs and tea or coco mix and some cookies or scones.

Trend Spotting: Felt Coasters
10/12/13 03:10 PM

Enjoyed a wonderful tasting last week with Proud Wineaux. It was a very relaxed, fun atmosphere where we learnt a lot about wine. The host was clearly very passionate about wine and made everyone feel welcome.

Reuse & Recycle: 5 DIY Metal Side Table Makeovers
10/12/13 02:44 PM

I designed and built these little homes for the laser engraved wooden coasters. This comes with the 4 coasters as a complete package. The case is made of Black Walnut AKA Julgans Nigra. Each case is hand numbered, and branded with the nice logo. Each case is one of a kind and bears its own beauty marks.

The Case for Coasters: Better Safe Than Sorry!
9/20/13 02:56 PM