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i know, i know, not all retro/vintage is cool. i happen to think (as a general design -- but not in this particular context) this is cool. that's my own taste.

however, given its condition, and the bathroom placement, i think it will be removed. (unless it can be properly cleaned and painted black -- i love that idea, kiddo katsu!)

and yep -- the existing tiles are nice and neutral, and in good shape, so i could start over with a new, fresh design scheme.

thanks for all the great feedback! i appreciate the suggestions (didn't know about -- wow!), amusing descriptions, and personal-experience anecdotes.

Dealing with Flocked Wallpaper in a Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/11/09 03:11 PM

i want the red one! that is all.

Apartment Therapy - Plus Minus Zero Space Heater: So Cool, They're Hot!
10/30/07 11:41 AM

i have those in red, but i think in a size smaller. i use them in my kitchen to store cat food cans.

they're great! durable, cute, and no frills. i think, at least at the time that i bought them, that target's description states that assembly is required, but they come fully put-together, even with little rubber-felt-y nubs on the bottom to protect yr floor.

good find -- i recommend 'em, for sure!

Apartment Therapy - Nice Home Metal Bins at Target
10/24/07 11:23 AM

i want to live in that first photo.

Apartment Therapy - ColorTherapy: Why Don’t You…
10/23/07 07:26 AM

incredibly funky, unique, and sophisticated. wow!

i think i actually have the same ceramic hand as the one you have on your mantle in the 2nd photo. i think it's from an old department store display...

oh, and the live plants, too, add a lot of life, freshness, and color to the space. great job!

Apartment Therapy - #18 - ChrisToronto Winter Antidote
10/15/07 09:35 AM

i think those black, white, and yellow floral pillows are made from the "mocca" fabric from reprodepot. i can't find it on their site anymore, but months ago (like...12!) i saved the fabric's representative image to consider using as a computer desktop graphic (but found it too busy and distracting).

not even sure if it's called "mocca," but that's how the file is name-saved on my comp. :)

Apartment Therapy - #14 - Brie and Dave's Saturated Sanctuary#comments
10/11/07 11:13 AM

i think the glass should be cut in a circle to keep the motif going. otherwise, it is a cool idea but kind of ugly...

Apartment Therapy - Tour Table by Gae Aulenti#comments
10/10/07 11:00 AM

ew. leather bed tarps.

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Paris - Italian Bedding from Parentesi Quadra
10/5/07 01:02 PM

i'd like it if the backing cushion weren't quilted/tufted. it'd be a nice sci-fi mod piece if it were just smooth and flat upholstery. but probably still more than 8 months rent for me...

Apartment Therapy - Look! Jaime Hayon's Double Poltrona at The Future Perfect
10/3/07 08:38 AM

i grew up in a house that was somewhat similar in age and basic overall "look."

my parents are nuts about decorating, art, kitsch, design, etc. and what i especially love about their house is that they were unafraid to use color in many unexpected places. the front hallway is a darkish lavender, the dining room is a light mauve, and their bedroom is antique-y bricky/tomato (can't think of the right color match). they have a bathroom with a slanted ceiling, so different wall zones are either peach-y orange, dusty purple, or a blue color i can't right now recall...

the point is, you can absolutely have fun with colors in spaces like this, even if they are "classic" and beautiful. so be adventurous, be funky, and good luck!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Cosmopolitan Colors to Beat the 'Burbs?
9/28/07 08:10 AM

i see those plates at the goodwill all the time (various locations). i figured they were popular from the era, but i never knew much about them. i think they're really neat.
thanks for the interesting post!

as to what is the new patternor brand? no clue. half of my dishes were swiped from my dorm's dining hall, a quarter are from thrift stores, and the last bunch are from urban outfitters (their squircle plates and souper bowl series -- in red, orange, yellow, and lime. they look good, stack nicely, and have held up really well. and they're affordable!).

Apartment Therapy - What is Our Generation's Corelle Spring Blossom?
9/27/07 10:48 AM

i agree with archie -- the flowers kinda clash with the chandelier, but it looks nice with the tiles. and switching out flowers or vases should be a snap.

i LOVE that you blik'ed the kitchen chairs to match the wall bliks. that really brought the whole area together (in addition the lampshade). taking that extra step was really bright and creative.

great job and wonderful paint colors!

Apartment Therapy - blik This Wall! : Finalist #3 - Tennille
9/27/07 10:41 AM

peripatetic19 -- i love my purple plastic dome. i call it "the spaceship." but it's definitely an acquired taste, aesthetically!

Apartment Therapy - Kitty Washroom
9/25/07 08:49 AM

it's like a funky honeycomb.

Apartment Therapy - Sean Yoo's Opus Incertum Shelving
9/7/07 11:11 AM

i love everything you've listed here. go AT slinks!

Apartment Therapy - Slinksn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites#comments
9/7/07 08:43 AM

these are really neat. i just wish the "lady" or "girl" figure wasn't included in so many of them -- i prefer just the objects.

now i wanna get crafty, too!

Apartment Therapy - The Gallery: Carol Markel
9/6/07 12:26 PM

i thought he was a terrific presence. he was sweet, smart, and seemed happy to be there and interact with his competitors. he's got a great attitude and a definite vision, and altho he doesn't have the design versatility to host a more all-purpose design show, i think it's really cool that HGTV respected his vision and talent by choosing him as a contender.

Apartment Therapy - HGTV Design Star: Fallen Star Josh Johnson
9/5/07 06:55 AM

"1950s Vintage Table and Chair Set - $150" is outta sight! wowza!

Apartment Therapy - Scavenger: Empire Mahogany Clawfoot Settee for $200#comments
9/5/07 06:48 AM

i second John H -- get a custom frame job on a mirror. you'll have a ton more options and be dealing locally.

i love the couch!

Apartment Therapy - Joan Wall Mirror
8/31/07 07:48 AM

i think decorating (via paint, marker, etc.) some of these with fake upholstery prints, faux wood grain, and other designs could be a blast and would look really pop. not sure how many potential home buyers would appreciate it, but i'd dig it.

Apartment Therapy -
8/27/07 08:15 AM