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Pi, if you're 20 min outside DC, wouldn't that be suburbs?

Nice Apartment, Nasty Building: Is it Worth It?
8/12/11 11:00 AM

My kitchen is smaller than all of these. hmmm.

10 More Must-See Small Cool Kitchens
Small Cool Kitchens 2011

7/19/11 12:30 PM

chefheidifink, we have exactly the same storage strategy. We are spice rack soul mates.

10 Practical Ideas for Better Spice Storage
7/6/11 02:32 PM

There is such a dog pile tendency with online commenting. After the first person commented on the galvanized washtub, I wonder why so many people felt the need to repeat the exact same sentiment? I thought it was clear from the start and the repetition didn't add anything.

I love this site because of the great recipes and the inventiveness. This post has both.

All right, really lay into me now - and don't just say it once, say it 27 times.

Recipe: Baby Greens Salad with Asparagus, Sweet Amaranth & Green Garlic Dressing
6/13/11 08:08 AM

I realized when I was in a CSA that I really had a lot to learn about what was seasonal - it was so valuable, and changed the way I buy produce forever. Like Kate, it also really expanded my pesto repertoire!

How to Get the Most Out of Your CSA
6/2/11 02:00 PM

I completely agree! I always bring food (and coffee!) to new parents - after pushing out a baby, who has the energy to cook? Mark Bittman's meatballs and tomato sauce are a real winner too.

Birthday Boeuf Bourguignon
5/19/11 12:16 PM

The only time I pull out my coffeemaker in summer is to strain the iced coffee I brewed the night before - NYT method with mason jars. I set it up with the carafe and filters and pour it through, then put it away until the next batch. I lovvvve this method of iced coffee, and it's saved me a bundle at coffee shops since I guzzle it all summer long.

How To: Make Iced Coffee | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/2/10 08:08 AM

A very basic bit of manners that I think goes farther than anything is just saying thank you! It's amazing how many people I've known who don't think it's necessary. I worked with someone back in the day who never thanked the co-workers who helped her with her work, even when she was told to by her supervisors. That helped tip the scales toward her getting fired down the road.

Weekend Meditation: Minding Our Manners | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/13/10 09:11 PM

I also use a drop of dish soap in cider vinegar, no cone. Those dumb bastards fly right in and I have the satisfaction of prevailing upon their tiny, insidious annoyances.

How To Make a Fruit Fly Trap Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/14/10 02:33 PM

This was completely gratifying - my mom will never understand why I have a 6" cast iron skillet (let along a mongo 13" one) but I use them both so often I never put them away - that tiny one is one of the most versatile items in my kitchen! So what if they're heavy, Mom?

Ten Most-Used: Sara Kate's Favorite Kitchen Tools | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/23/09 07:40 AM

I sort of love the "keep calm carry on" poster, but only for the bathroom.

Diagonal furniture placement makes me feel like I'm going insane.

I loathe huge overstuffed sofas, particularly Jenny Convertibles. Yechh. I also feel like retching when I see "framed art" from Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc., anywhere but in a baby's room, and even then it's a stretch. Have you no family to take photos of? Sheesh.

My least favorite, most uncomfortable living space is an over-decorated bathroom - I don't need anything ornamental on the sink or the toilet tank, and if the pictures on the walls match the rug, I will scream into a pillow. It has a revolting JCPenney effect.

I realize that I expressed many violent emotions in this comment, but rest assured that I am a perfectly polite houseguest and would never cringe, scream, or set your shower curtain on fire if I were a visitor in your home. I would just change your names before I tweeted about it later in short, angry bursts.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves Austin
8/17/09 09:09 PM

That river tour is one of my favorite Chicago memories ever!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Erie and Kingsbury on the Park by Lucien Lagrange
9/4/08 04:52 PM

Missmimichi, it does sound overwhelming but when you get into the rhythm of what's in season it gets easier - you have more time to scout for recipes if you know you're getting an item for a few weeks in a row at least. Also, you can do what my family calls "food show": make a display of all the food and enjoy the colors and textures, then it gets your creative juices going!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Projects: Seven Tips for Managing Your CSA
7/11/08 12:46 PM

My philosophy is that I try to recycle anything I can - why would I throw something away that I knew could be reused or recycled? I don't mind mailing them either - I just discovered a place where you can mail CDs and their cases for recycling and I'm going to try that out too (thanks AT for the push to take my music all digital!)

Apartment Therapy New York | Recycle Your Corks: Yemm Hart Turns Them into Tiles!Boston
7/11/08 11:59 AM

ceiling fan, ceiling fan, ceiling fan...what would I do without it?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning
7/8/08 06:53 PM

This annoys me - middle America sees movies and TV shows like this and thinks there are huge NY apartments available for an assistant's salary (and they can also afford to fill it with lovely furniture!) The only things worse are the apts on Friends & Seinfeld - rent control aside, they were all unemployed half the time! Grrrr.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! The Apartment in 27 Dresses
7/7/08 03:20 PM

Why is it you can't get Mexican food without cilantro? Yikes. The tiniest green shreds completely ruin salsa and everything else it touches. When I'm in a Mexican restaurant (or Thai) I ask for cilantro to be left off if possible and it NEVER is. I have to go brush my teeth now to get the memory of the taste out of my head.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Tell Us: Is There an Herb You Can't Stand?
7/5/08 02:48 PM

I weed about once a year to get rid of anything I think I "should have read by now" or know I won't read again. However, that doesn't keep me from having multiple copies of my very favorite books. I have 5 bookcases in my 1BR apt, and I love the cozy feel of the books - as long as they are on the shelves and not spilling over. Stacks of books around the apt means time to weed again.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on... Keeping Books
7/3/08 03:28 PM

The comments on this post make me love the apt therapy community all the more. Must go forward this to everyone I know now...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Dealing With Nosy Neighbors?
6/23/08 07:47 PM

Also, not exactly related, but the reason vegans I know don't want to use wool (or silk) is because they believe animals don't exist as a commodity for humans, so they need to keep their wool, etc. to themselves.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Pillows at Ikea?
6/20/08 04:41 PM