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PUDGY PIES!!! That brings me back to girl scout camping trips! I also loved the cherry filling!

Calling All Sandwich Lovers! The Return of the Toas-Tite
2/15/12 04:46 PM

What about the bathroom? It's kind of hilarious, and it will be totally unexpected in the bathroom.

Integrate Hulk Hogan into Shared Apartment Decor?
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10/6/11 06:05 PM

i agree with everyone, that table is stunning as is, and maybe a good oil rub is just what it needs.

if your really adamant about refinishing- check out sunset bazaar in echo park. I've never hired them to refinish anything, but I've bought a couple pieces, and they are a great store. just don't take it next door to Pepe's...

Where To Have Antique Table Refinished?
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7/27/11 08:27 PM

I second Olympic Spa! It's an amazing place... maybe I should go today...

Quick History: Public Baths & Bathing
5/19/11 04:30 PM

emily this is gorgeous!!!

Recipe: Elderflower Lemon Cake
4/27/11 09:21 PM

what about roasting your own nuts?? You can make different seasonings- sweet/savory combos.

Best Nibbles and Snacks for a Low-Key Weekend Party?
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4/14/11 04:56 PM

garbage and recycling station?

How To Fill Space Where Dishwasher Used To Be?
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3/29/11 01:14 PM

We had a porcelain cast iron sink that was rusty and the kit my landlord used a few years back to re-glaze was chipping off. Finally fed up, our landlord had it re-glazed. He said it cost about $100, and what a difference it made! You may want to look into having a professional just re-glaze it. Also- look into city requirements, another old sink in our house was rusty and the city inspector made him also re-glaze that.

How To Improve Vintage Cast-Iron/Porcelain Kitchen Sink?
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3/21/11 11:57 PM

A Weck Juice jar!!! Put the rubber ring and metal closures aside, and just use the simple glass lid and jar. Its worked perfect for me so far!

Suggestions For A Decent And Affordable Glass Carafe?
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3/18/11 07:00 PM

This one is by far the BEST pan scraper ever!!! And it's made out of a renewable resource for only $1.25 more! It cleans my cast iron, teflon and glass really well!

Only 99 Cents! A Simple Tool for Cleaning Pans
2/8/11 07:18 PM

@katepk: BLOODY MARY MIX!!! Throw it into a food processor till its juicy! the salt is perfect in a bloody mary!

New Year's Fresh Start Challenge: Cook Through the Pantry!
Cupboard Challenge

1/11/11 07:53 PM

I'm vegetarian also, and I always do a harvest lentil loaf. Usually has some combination of walnuts, finely chopped apples, celery, carrots, onions, lentils, eggs, bread crumbs, and cheese and for thanksgiving I added a pear in! I top it with parmesan and looks beautiful if you have a nice dish to cook/serve it in.

Help Me Find Festive Vegetarian Dishes for the Holidays!
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12/8/10 03:22 PM

and of course- i spelled your name wrong.

What Are Your Favorite DIY Gift Ideas?
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12/4/10 06:25 AM

NDprariegirl- I was thinking of making that yesterday! Do you have a recipe you'd share??

What Are Your Favorite DIY Gift Ideas?
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12/4/10 06:25 AM

I've used the Chemex for about a year now, and I find it SOO much easier to clean than a french press. That alone is worth the extra hassle. And I don't find it any more time consuming than the french press. I brew while I make my breakfast.

Coffee At Home: Is Giving Up the Drip Machine Worth It?
12/1/10 03:56 PM

Culinary Vampire- I have the same birthday!!! I'm always on the lookout for a lemon poppyseed cake for my birthday! :)

Special Days: A Birthday Stack of Pancakes
11/29/10 04:58 PM

I also LOVE the Lifefactory bottles. Anytime I go for a run that bottle is with me. The silicone comes off and it's dishwasher safe.

Better Bottles: Takeya Glass Water Bottles
10/25/10 05:25 PM

Dumb question: do they have big pits in them?

In Season Now: Italian Prune Plums (Quetsche)
10/12/10 04:44 PM

I second the seitan vote!! It's super easy and you can season it however you'd like! I learned how to make it volunteering at a vegan co-op, and it always tastes better than the store bought stuff!

Recipes Worth Taking the Time to Make
9/17/10 04:41 PM

If you know someone with a pressure canner, you can safely can it for use in the winter!

How Can I Quickly Use 6 Gallons of Chicken Stock?
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9/9/10 03:28 PM