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There is no such thing as enough color for me, but it takes me forever to decide on some of my rooms. I've been here 5.5 years and I have yet to paint my office (pale yellow or green, to reflect light), dining room (which will be some sort of deep violet) or my bedroom (probably a French blue). My kitchen is red and white with black appliances, my living room is peacock green with gold, red and black accents, my bath is currently pink and orange but will go to all pink with black accents soon. The front hall is boysenberry and peach, the back hall is a bright blue with red and yellow accents. The basement, when it's painted, will be saffron yellow and pale blue.The only room that's white is my sun porch which is bright white with red accents, and it feels very old-fashioned.

My brother, who is a contractor, kept telling me that I can't sell my place if the colors were too vivid, but he loves the results and has stopped giving me grief. I have no desire to leave here; it's too pretty.

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9/19/13 07:00 PM