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Slice, don't hack! So long as you aren't whacking at the herbs with a dull knife a board and blade ought to be fine. A sharp scissors in a tall glass works well, too.

The best method is the one that works for you :)

I think it mostly depends on the cook and partly on the herb. Rosemary is more likely to spring away and make a mess than cilantro but knifing technique can balance that.

Preference: it's why we have options! :D

Tip: A Faster, Easier Way to Chop Fresh Herbs
10/12/10 03:50 AM

Similar to a couple of the suggestions but [liquor of choice] sours are a brilliant use of egg whites. Yolks for custard and the a bourbon stone sour makes a fair night :)

Looking for Savory Ways to Use Up Leftover Egg Whites
Good Questions

10/3/10 07:48 PM

When do we get a Boston readers' meetup? Am I so out of the loop? :/

Reader Meetup Report: Seattle
9/4/10 01:22 AM

I wonder if there's anything that a poached egg cannot improve :)

I enjoy making large batches of polenta ahead of time. Pan fry or bake a couple of slices, top with almost anything (fresh mozz, basil, and tomato; black beans with lime; pico) and a poached egg - any meal, any time, I'm sold :)

The Pleasures of a Breakfast Salad
9/1/10 03:42 AM

I really like this place and space. It's just right for my lifestyle and situation. I can see how most wouldn't like it and I'm kind of surprised that no one's commented on the apparent lack of a bathroom door. Though I imagine that two people in this space simultaneously would be instantly intimate - there's intimate and there's intimate, aye?

Living in 182 Square Feet in Seattle
The Seattle Times

8/23/10 08:52 PM

Scotch: the Macallan or Tomatin
Bourbon: Makers for Manhattans, Knob straight, or Beam for ginger ale
Irish: Feckin (when I can get it) and Powers

Best Liquors: What Is Your Favorite Whiskey – and Why?
8/20/10 04:13 PM

This is absolutely gorgeous hardware!

DIY Combination Faucet and Towel Rack
Better Living Through Design

8/18/10 10:56 PM

I'm not a rum person, really. I have two uses for rum and associated brands for them. Goslings for Dark and Stormies and Sailor Jerry for mixing with ginger ale.

Best Liquors: What Is Your Favorite Rum — and Why?
8/17/10 12:22 PM

@TheWholesomeHome - well done and good choices. How about Elizabeth and all of her places: Betty's Surly Girl, Tip-Tip, and Frank's? :) Curious...

I miss them all but at least I can order Jeni's here in Boston.

Professional Kitchen Tour: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Columbus, Ohio

8/14/10 04:25 PM

I think that it's really cool that she's up there, even temporarily. I am and have always been a climber, though.

Playroom Closet
8/12/10 12:18 AM

Yea, Michigan!

As my ex pointed out after I made a Jersey joke, "You live in a mitten!"

United States of Cheese: State-Shaped Cutting Boards
8/11/10 08:57 PM

nice :) simplicity is a favorite.

House Tour: Kelly's Craftsman Comfort
Los Angeles

8/10/10 01:13 PM

I love them but understand how others don't. I wouldn't serve them to a guest but they serve me just fine. When I'm not using them for canning they'd just sit around...

Perfect for picnics :)

Canning Jars as Glasses: Shabby Chique or Just Shabby?
8/5/10 03:54 PM

Do you have RF remotes or did I miss an IR receiver outside the ply box? Curious as to how you would remotely control things is all. I really like the concept and a project house I did years back had A/V storage built into the mantle itself.

A Hidden Compartment Behind the TV
8/4/10 07:12 PM

This is a good one :)

I highly recommend replacing the glass with tempered if it's going to see any real use or safety glass if there are children around.

In any event this is a great idea and I love the hinges on the corners!

A Table Made from an Old Window
Sunset Magazine

8/4/10 05:19 PM

I strongly prefer good tequila neat. Margaritas are for fair to decent tequilas to let the citrus flavors come through without crushing the complexities of good tequila.

Poor tequilas are for joke shots and cleaning oil spills only :)

To-Drink List: 4 New Spirits to Watch For
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

7/30/10 04:10 PM

Anything from Bell's is worth going for :)

The IPA is by far my favorite type of beer. I love the clean, dry tastes and finishes of a well hopped beer.

I find most Belgians and other Trappists too malty.

Quick and Dirty Guide to American Beer Styles Beer Sessions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/27/10 04:58 PM

Thanks, Faith! :D

Vacation Etiquette: Trying (And Saying ‘No’ To) New Foods | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/19/10 05:01 PM


This post is the funniest thing I've seen all day. The placental teddy is the second :)

You can talk about child birth and your kids' bodily functions on this site but the teddy somehow crossed a line? Opinions and feeling being what they are everyone's entitled to their own and I'm entitled to be surprised by them.

Things To Do With Your PlacentaInhabitots | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/19/10 05:00 PM

@Slow Lorus: You're one of my favorite posters :)

Placenta I've not been presented with but I'll also give it a go should I have the chance.

Vacation Etiquette: Trying (And Saying ‘No’ To) New Foods | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/19/10 04:41 PM