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What a yucky name for a show.

I do adore Carla Hall though. :)

The Chew: ABC's New Daytime Food Talk Show
4/18/11 10:10 AM

My favorite cold cut, by far, is mortadella. OMG!! I know it's not cured like the ones you listed, but no deli sandwich is complete for me without a few thin slices of mortadella. It's what bologna wishes it could be!

Speck to Salami: A Quick Guide to Cured Meats
4/12/11 12:22 PM

This is awesome, I love to cook (and eat!) beans. My favorite bean, by far, is the chick pea. I recently discovered how much better the dried ones taste than the canned ones. I love to include them in veggie sautees, soups, pasta recipes, even with rice. They are so versatile and delicious. And my husband makes the best homemade hummus!

Beautiful Beans: 15 Delicious Recipes with Beans
3/29/11 03:22 PM

I bought an OXO one when I moved out of my parents' house in 1998 and it is still working perfectly. Have never had any issues with it.

Why Is Finding A Good Can Opener So Difficult?
3/16/11 02:39 PM

Another PA resident here. For sure, this state is NUTS. A friend just moved here from Wisconsin and she was horrified when I laid it out for her. I remember going to college in NY and freaking out when I saw the stacks of beer in the grocery store! My friends were like, well where else are you gonna buy it? After I explained how it is in PA, they were like, OK we're NEVER moving there.

They are talking about privatizing it in PA but it's definitely going to be a hard-fought battle, whichever way it ends up.

Buying Liquor: State vs. Private Stores
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

3/14/11 10:18 AM

My husband does this when he makes burgers and his are absolutely to die for. Great tip!

Tip: Use Your Thumb to Shape the Best Hamburgers
3/14/11 10:07 AM

What a cool idea! My foodie 8-year-old daughter would LOVE this!

Bake Kid-Pleasing Escargot in a Mini-Muffin Tin
Reader Tip

3/2/11 07:35 PM

My new favorite is cacio e pepe, which is a Roman classic. You make a sauce using some of the pasta water, some grated pecorino romano, and lots of fresh black pepper. It is spectacular.

Dinner Tonight: 10 Fresh Ideas For Spaghetti
2/28/11 10:32 PM

We do this kind of thing all the time! It is such a fun way to improvise new recipes. Last night my husband wanted to make hummus but discovered we were out of tahini. So he went to the pantry, grabbed a can of black beans and made the most wonderful bean spread: black beans, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, and a dash of hot sauce. Whizzed it up in the food processor and we had it on slices of my homemade baguette, along with a wonderful frittata he made with piquillo peppers (also from the pantry). It was a fantastic and quick pantry meal - perfect for this very blah time of year.

On Cooking Through Your Pantry: Using Up Odds and Ends
2/9/11 08:59 AM

I love those pop tarts too! Haven't had one in years. I also am a sucker for Kraft mac & cheese even though it's always better in my imagination than it is when I actually eat it. And I love the cranberry sauce that keeps the shape of the can.

Do You Have a Secret Food?
1/31/11 02:27 PM

This week I just cleaned my oven for the first time ever! I am so relieved to find other kindred spirits who are as enthusiastic about cleaning their ovens as I am (as in, NOT AT ALL). I used some Easy-Off fume-free stuff that actually worked pretty well. I have to do it again because the window still has a lot of grime on it.

Cook's Confession: How Often Do You Clean the Oven?
1/28/11 01:39 PM

I found this service most helpful when I was on maternitiy leave with my second daughter. She was born in early February and it happened to be one of the coldest on record for our area. It was so great to be able to just stay in our nice cozy house and have someone bring all the groceries we needed. Way better than bundling up a tiny baby and venturing out into the cold. I don't do it much now (that baby is almost 4 now, hard to believe!), but I would definitely recommend it if getting out to the store is challenging.

Ordering Groceries Online: Yay or Nay?
1/24/11 08:53 AM

The dog looks like a miniature pinscher! I didn't know there was another breed that looked so much like a min pin! The dog is awesome! (The kitchen is pretty great too.)

Kitchen Tour: Cissy and Richard's Relaxed Green Kitchen
1/19/11 02:04 PM

The bite photo is freaking me out a little. It reminds me of the time my little cousin accidentally bit the side of a glass drinking glass and cut his tongue. I think this is a bit too gimmicky for me. I also agree that the resources required to produce them seem unnecessary.

Jelloware Edible Cups (P.S. They're Vegan!)
1/18/11 03:20 PM

I really love tofu - I only ever buy the extra firm kind because I don't like the other textures. I use it in stir frys with veggies, or by itself, cut into chunks. It goes great in salads with lots of veggies. So delicious! And such a great way to get protein if you're trying to cut back on meat intake.

Ingredient Spotlight: Tofu
1/10/11 10:26 AM

We keep Kitchen Basics in our house all the time too. I use their chicken stock constantly. We keep the beef and veg around too. I think they are great and they really make it easy to cook good healthy meals quickly during the week.

What Is the Best Brand of Storebought Broth?
1/4/11 03:16 PM

Make more bread, especially with my sourdough starter.

Learn to can.

Happy New Year! What Are Your Cooking Resolutions?
1/4/11 10:55 AM

Is it just me or is that photo really creepy? When I first saw it, I thought it was a pair of really skinny human arms. (I obviously wasn't looking very closely.)

Avoiding cheap chicken is a great idea for the coming year. My husband and I are eating really healthy now which means he eats a lot more chicken than he used to. So we should find a way to get better quality chicken than the Perdue at the supermarket.

No Cheap Chicken: A New Year's Food Resolution

1/3/11 10:18 AM

Oh my goodness, I totally want to practice my piping skills so I can do these too! They are awesome!

Bridget's Simply Spectacular Sugar Cookies
12/16/10 03:30 PM

I've never been a big maker of holiday cookies but this year I've done a lot of baking. I made a batch of David Lebovitz's salted butter chocolate chip cookies and I think I definitely need to make those again. I also adore gingerbread cookies.

I also want to do some sandwich ones. Something like a linzer cookie maybe.

For Hanukkah I made sugar cookies and my two daughters helped me decorate them with royal icing and different-colored sugars. Those were really fun.

What's Your Favorite Holiday Cookie?
12/13/10 03:13 PM