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I feel no shame in using Penzeys spice blends.

On Letting Go of Having to Make Everything From Scratch Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
4/23/14 09:54 PM

Well I 'll be, not only did you get the name wrong, but the holiday as well! It looks simply delicious no matter what the name or time of year!

Recipe: Sweet Braided Czech Bread with Almonds & Raisins Recipes from The Kitchn
4/18/14 02:11 PM

I have been chopping onions for 50 years and I learned something new in this video!

Video: How To Dice an Onion Video Tips from The Kitchn
4/8/14 09:40 AM

Arielle, is there a link to the oversize spoon you mention?

How a Lemon Juicer Changed My Life Tool Tips
4/7/14 02:57 PM

Adrianna Trigiani wrote a novel called "Big Stone Gap" where childhood foods of the main character , Ave Maria Mulligan, are described. In the sequel, "Old Cherry Holler"' Ave Maria, now married, is making a bread her mother used to make. It is rustic flat bread with roasted red peppers and olive oil pressed on top. No name was given to the bread, but based on the good description in the book, I tried making it for my family. I don't know if it was anything close to Ave Maria's family recipe, but we enjoyed it very very much.

When Reading a Great Novel Makes Me Want to Cook Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
4/7/14 02:22 PM

Dryers makes an orange sherbet with dark chocolate chunks . It is delicious and it might satisfy that longing for your childhood frozen treat.

Help Me Find My Favorite Ice Cream Treat from the 1970s! Good Questions
4/3/14 09:49 PM

Perfect! I too have found that it is getting harder and harder to find pure coconut milk.

How To Make Coconut Milk at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/2/14 02:28 PM

Was wondering if Cooks magazine saw this ...

Top Ten: Best Wooden Spoons Annual Guide 2014
4/2/14 02:07 PM

Parchment. No kitchen should be without it!

How Do I Keep Shaped Bread Dough from Sticking to the Countertop? Good Questions
3/31/14 11:53 AM

Lovely post. Tis a gift to be simple.

Weekend Meditation: It Doesn't Always Have to be Fabulous Weekend Meditation
3/30/14 10:45 PM

Very funny and yet so true.

What To Read This Weekend: A Flowchart to Help You Decide Whether to Shop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
3/28/14 06:35 PM

Yes, I use it and I like it. Today I made Nigella Lawson's Clementine cake and substituted the coconut sugar for regular sugar. Turned out great.

5 Delightful Ways to Use Coconut Sugar
3/26/14 11:28 PM

Thank you for the recipe and the story behind it!

The Unusual Way I Make Tortillas (And Why Weeknight Tacos Always Win) Liveblogging The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/26/14 03:19 PM

I guess I am also wondering what GIF is. But thank you very much for the knife skills pointers.

The GIF Tutorial That's Helping Me Improve My Knife Skills Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
3/25/14 05:59 PM

I think that for me coffee, the full test sort, is likened to the Stockholm syndrome. Where the captive expresses positive feelings for the captor.

Five Reasons I Drink Decaf Coffee Now That I'm a Mother Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
3/24/14 10:07 PM

I am not vegan but these these recipes for sweets sound tasty and delightful.

It's Raw. It's Awesome. But Can The Rawsome Vegan Baking Book Really Satisfy My Sweet Tooth? Cookbook Review
3/24/14 09:54 PM

I have been making my own laundry detergent for he last 2.5 years. It is made of Zote brand bar soap (I buy it at Home Depot or Walmart) grated, and mixed with hot water and borax and washing soda. I make enough to fill a 7 gallon bucket. Lasts me about 6 months as we do laundry all the time, but sooooo cheap and effective at cleaning. Best part is there is no perfume smell.

A Complete Home Green Cleaning Routine Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/24/14 09:44 PM

This is really the fix for those times when "must have cookie" attacks!

Make Just Two Chocolate Chip Cookies with This Recipe
3/24/14 11:26 AM

What a great secret--starting them off in a COLD cast iron pan. Thank you.

Recipe: Lemon Thyme Chicken Thighs Recipes from The Kitchn
3/22/14 10:00 PM

I'm female and even I don't like farmers markets. They are over stimulating to me, sort of like a carnival.

5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market With You
3/21/14 07:16 PM