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That couch is amazing! I'm normally not into pink, but it being pink velvet is just everything. I adore it. I want to, like, hang out with that couch and watch TV with it.

Do I Love this Pink Craigslist Sofa Enough? Good Questions
3/25/14 01:21 PM

Yep! This is one of the recipes we used. It's a toasted sesame and scrambled egg dumpling. I don't know that it's particularly unusual in China, but I had never had it before. Mr. Shi and Mrs. Zhao, some friends of mine from when I lived in Beijing, taught it to me a couple years ago.


Elizabeth's Cure: It's a Dumpling Party Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
2/1/14 01:02 PM

I want to center the desk too! My husband stuck it over on the side like that, and when I tried to move it he complained that there wasn't enough of an aisle to get around it. Maybe if I figure out another place for the rack of plants I can try again.

Elizabeth's Cure: Playing Catch-Up Liveblogging the january cure 2014
1/30/14 04:32 AM

The rug is from Otto, a discount rug site I found online: https://www.otto.de/p/orient-teppich-my-home-eva-viskose-389086939/#variationId=389087343

Elizabeth's Cure: Playing Catch-Up Liveblogging the january cure 2014
1/29/14 12:58 PM

Oh sure. My "dream sofa" in the collage is a Petrie sofa from Crate & Barrel in leather.

Elizabeth's Cure Project: The Living Room Revamp
1/8/14 07:17 PM

Ha! Lisa Jones, I'm just going to assume she's a wine writer.

Does What You Wear Matter When You Work From Home?
11/15/13 02:59 PM

That would totally work, too! My mother has a vintage obi as a runner on a console in her house, and it's very ornate and gold and crazy. That gets a lot more expensive really quickly, but if one only needs one or two or wants it in one's house permanently, it's a really great way to go.

Maru obi and fukuro obi are great for that, because they're full lengths of fabric and not sewn down to be easier for folding into belts. My mother uses one sort of like this.

Super Easy DIY: Make Your Own Kimono Fabric Table Runners
6/20/13 07:28 AM

Oh, the skull bottle isn't a Crystal Head vodka bottle, but it was originally designed for alcohol. All the liquor shops in town have collections of proprietary spirits like armagnac, absinthe, kirsch, sherry, and some clear liquors that I'm a little afraid to drink because I'm sure they're positively deadly. They're priced by volume, and you buy a bottle or bring one in and fill it up from the tap at the store. The skull was one of the bottles the nearest store was using for that.

The blue stuff is innocent, though. It's just Listerine. I couldn't fit the Listerine bottle in the storage baskets, so since it was going to have to be out anyway I I just transferred the liquid to the skull bottle.

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Fourth Week January Cure Diaries
1/30/13 07:18 PM

Italian lights, especially chandeliers. Fancypants trifold vanity mirrors. Colorful refrigerators.

I've been obsessed with acquiring those things for awhile now, and my husband is always joking that whenever I become obsessed with something, it magically becomes cool. (My super power is hipster, which is not even as cool as shrinking.)

Trend Prediction: What Do You Think is The Next Big Thing?
1/27/13 09:24 PM

The counters are actually just a pretty low-end laminate. It's not even IKEA level, really. My husband is laughing because they apparently look good in photos, when in real life they're basically a big woodgrain sticker. I think they're probably from Bauhaus, which is like a Home Depot.

The bust vase came from Pip and Estella; I think it's vintage. I had a little collection of head-shaped things going on for awhile. It sort of freaks my husband out, but I love them.

@artnerd - the ladies are all crying because Danjûrô VIII is dead. It's a big picture celebrating his celebrity by showing all his various distraught female fans mourning him. There's a nun in the crowd, and a high-end prostitute. There's even a crying cat! (It's unsigned, but likely attributable to Kuniyoshi, because the cat stands in as a signature.)

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Second WeekJanuary Cure Diaries
1/15/13 08:17 PM

The red fridge is by Gorenje and came from Amazon. The refrigerator that was originally in the apartment was a classic European style smaller-than-dorm-fridge fridge, and finally I decided I just needed more space. This one has a bottle rack, which I've decided is the best thing ever.

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Second WeekJanuary Cure Diaries
1/15/13 08:02 PM

I did this recently, and my total came out to around $700, all-in. (That included buying paint and caulk and some tools I didn't own, like a saw and a hammer.) Mine is five Billys wide, plus height extenders on top. I love it, though. I'm very happy with the results. Also, I'm renting. These aren't really attached to the walls, they just look it. And nothing permanent was done to the space, so when it comes time to move I can just pry off the molding, dismantle the Billys, and go.

Before & After: Jenny's Built-in IKEA Billy Bookshelves Little Green Notebook
1/11/13 12:33 PM

You win because puppy!

Claire's January Cure: My First Week January Cure Diaries
1/10/13 07:16 PM

I just do it in the middle of the floor and then try to walk around it. I really need to stop spray painting in the apartment, but I don't see that happening in the near future.

How Do You Make Space for a DIY Project in a Small Apartment? Good Questions
1/9/13 11:30 AM

Spectacular! I adore it. I love your chandeliers, your chain mail shirt, and all your red ladies. Everything in your home makes me smile, which is wonderful. I can't believe it's only been a month.

Sai's Glam Girl Pad House Tour
1/8/13 08:42 AM

I ask my husband's opinion whenever I do anything, but it just stresses him out. He's wholly not visual. For years, whenever he would buy furniture or rugs or anything he would buy the most neutral thing in the store, and I was really nervous. "Are you secretly into minimalism and neutrals and just haven't been telling me and going along with all the crazy things I bring home? I can work with that if you are!" But he was like, "No, I just can't tell what anything will look like next to any other thing unless it's there. So I get the plainest thing in the store so I don't have to worry about it."

I was still worried until I realized he liked the crazy things I brought home and thinks everything I like is fantastic. He's just utterly visually inept and can't imagine things on his own. (He can't draw or pack a suitcase, but he plays seven instruments by ear so perhaps he min-maxed his attributes.) He doesn't match his clothes, either, and wanders around with a big burn on his trousers that he put there with the iron. I don't understand how he can't visualize a red pillow on the couch, but he doesn't understand how I'm tone deaf. It all works out in the end.

Who Makes Decorating Decisions in Your Home?
11/7/12 06:27 PM

I got a red one that I eventually came to hate, but that's mostly because the shape and size and style were all wrong. But I think the pink sofa could be great.

But if budget is a concern, I think you could get a look similar to picture #1 if you go for something like an IKEA Karlstad and change the legs (like here http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/before-after-adding-mid-c-styl-138736), then put on a pink slipcover. I don't know if the white Karlstad slipcover is dyable, but it looks like there are a bunch of people selling custom IKEA slipcovers on the Internet.

Will I Regret a Pink Sofa?
10/19/12 03:30 AM

I also am in love with that green lamp in the last picture.

Brooklyn New Construction Gets Character Home By Novogratz
9/25/12 05:46 AM

I regret not owning that gold tub.

For me, I think white will always be the biggest design regret. Everything I ever purchased in white, I regretted the color later. I purchased a white Besta TV stand from Ikea, and now I wish I'd gone with the black.

I very nearly bought a white couch a couple months ago. I was like, "We can do it! We're older now. We've got our stuff together. We can be white-couch people!" But instead at the last minute I panicked and got dark gray. Then the first day we had it, a Negroni spilled on it. We are not white-couch people. I'm so, so glad I bet on the gray.

What's Your Biggest Design Regret?
9/25/12 05:44 AM

Hmm. Mine says I'm Vegas Baby with a touch of Boho. Hmm. I don't particularly like Vegas, but I do like all the pictures it put up to illustrate. And I am gold-leafing everything in the house. So maybe it has a point.

For what I'm not? Nautical and a touch country.

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