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Well, the first time I ran into this, I moved. Got rid of the problem really quick!

Kidding aside, we got a couple of those ant hotel traps, and put them near entry points. They were gone in a couple of days, and didn't ever come back.

Pesky Pests: How Do You Get Rid of Them | Apartment Therapy DC
6/3/10 08:51 PM

Bright red. My room has a bright red wall behind my bed, and the rest are a tan/linen color. It makes me happy.

My big red corduroy couch also makes me happy.

Apartment Therapy DC | A Color that Makes You Happy?
10/2/09 02:06 PM

I think the "fingers" are the best part! Definitely hot.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Modernica Case Study Alpine Series Bed
9/30/09 12:21 AM

That Plant Orb is indeed fantastic, but I'm generally loath to pay that much for something like a flower pot, especially when there's an option like farmhousemoderne's. I think that's great! Use any flower pot as a hanging one, so you can get pretty much any style you could want at a lot less dough.

Apartment Therapy New York | Contemporary Hanging Plant Baskets Containers? Good Questions
9/29/09 09:57 AM

The second one (portrait arrangement) really made me laugh out loud, as did the monster skin rug. Oh, to do something like that...

Apartment Therapy DC | How Do You Incorporate Humor Into Your Decor?
9/28/09 11:00 PM

Hmm...I keep looking for the "That doesn't look like it works very well, also that it was doodled by a ferret" I really don't think it's hot, and I really don't think it looks good at all.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not: Forkless Cruiser?
9/28/09 07:50 PM