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Hi I'm the designer of the house, Kristin Kilmer. Have no fear, the last five photos were indeed posted in error and I have not seen them ever before. However, I would like to make an important clarification. I aided in the restoration with my esteemed client, Michael La Fetra (and not Vincent Gallo who Michael purchased the house from). He is a conservationist and well-known in Los Angeles for having purchased architecturally significant homes and restoring and preserving them to their original specifications after they have been dilapidated and mistreated by previous owners after many years. Thankfully, the Wolff house was in pretty good shape while many others were not. Some of these owners were actually aficionados themselves such as professors that did not have the budget to maintain their authenticity while others simply did not care or see the value in maintaining such an important piece of our city's history. I am honored to be a part of Michael La Fetra's vision and encourage everyone to view his other houses that I've had the privilege to design in conjunction with him and other talented architects and contractors in Los Angeles.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inside the Lautner Wolff House
9/28/09 05:12 PM