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perhaps u woke up in a bad mood when u made that unnecessary comment to Jay & to groovypumpkin. I have had siberian huskies for the past 21 years & it is obvious you haven't. Huskies love 2 go running, but they equally love their lounge time. Anyone who has huskies knows that a balance between exercise and rest is their preference. I have 800 sq feet with 2 huskies, a chow-shepherd mix that i rescued and a miniature pinscher. They love me to walk them & they love to lounge. Groovy pumpkin is a good soul to have rescused his dog. Rescue is a lot of work especially if the dog has been in a very bad situation; my dog was starved and beat & he is the best dog now. Until u know what you're talking about i suggest u give yourself a good dose of shut the hell up.

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9/28/09 03:24 PM