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Do you have enough closet space in this new apartment? If not, do you need to accommodate storage options, book shelves, and the like? Do you entertain a lot? Get practical, versatile pieces that offer multiple uses. A long attractive bureau fits against either wall or behind a sofa. An antique card table that folds up can be used as a desk or side buffet, and when opened up used as a dining table. A small sofa or chaise that fits just about anywhere can be repurposed to different rooms in future. One or two small tables can be used as end tables, as a coffee table, etc. Start with just a few pieces and see how you use the space before adding more furniture. Have fun in your new apartment!

Ideas for Living/Dining Layout in Open Square Room? Good Questions
4/18/14 12:25 PM

All great suggestions… If you did decide to swap rooms, you could easily install lightweight louvered panels on the open doorway to provide privacy. With the larger room you can always add modular clothes closet storage too. If the current bedroom is too small to use as a living room, then a large decorative mirror and floor level lighting are excellent options too for lightening up the living room.

Ideas for Maximizing Light in Northern Exposure Room? Good Questions
4/15/14 10:12 AM

Ditto on neutral paint recommendations for the entire room. Maybe a creamy white that mimics the wall tile, which will serve as a great canvas for any colorful features you add to the room – furniture, artwork, plants, etc. You've got great wall space for large art pieces! Not a fan of black appliances – especially the large black fridge – but maybe you can switch out the front panels with a lighter color? Consider different overhead light fixtures – something that hugs the ceiling, but with a decorative shade or shape that diffuses the light better throughout the corner space.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/14/14 11:39 AM

Beautiful wood cabinets, but the black appliances kill the space, no matter what color you paint the room. One thing that might offset this is to install strip lighting beneath all the upper cabinets. Add a colorful rug/runner on floor to tie space and your colors together. Decorate the soffits with framed art or artifacts to draw eye upward rather than focusing on counter level. Moving the overhead microwave and replacing with a simple vent hood would also help. Do what you can afford to do.

What Is a Good Color Scheme for this Kitchen? Good Questions
3/28/14 01:27 PM

I'm guessing the front door opens into the living room, so it's important that this front room be presentable even though the kids might use it often as a playroom. Your gifted furniture is beautiful and in excellent condition. Not a fan of the wall map. Why not hang it in the kid's room instead? Place sofa against long wall with flower painting. If you value the painting get it mounted and framed properly. Plan on moving it around to different walls or other rooms as time goes by. Maybe good quality shades instead of curtains? Don't paint the furniture. Put a full length cloth cover over the little table and use it as an end table for now. Get a long credenza with simple, classic lines for the opposite wall (where map is) add mirror and framed photos or artwork. Credenza can store kid's games, books or toys. Add low key but colorful decorative area rug over the existing wall to wall. Coffee table optional … padded storage is useful. Pillows are always fun. Maybe a pretty knit throw or two for the sofa as well? Plants definitely! Not keen on dark paint colors for the room although, having said that, not sure what color would work best. Too hard to judge the lighting conditions from the photo. Perhaps a golden wall color would bring out the colors of the sofa and yet complement other items that might be added later? Do one thing at a time and see what happens!

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 03:02 PM

I also recommend adding more light under the overhead cabinets…whether or not you paint the backsplash a brighter or darker color. I sometimes rely on a small lamp in the corner of the countertop area, where it's out of the way, but still functions as task lighting.

Backsplash Before & After: A Drab Rental Kitchen Gets a Little Style Reader Kitchen Makeover
3/10/14 02:26 PM

One person's outdated kitchen is another's retro renovation come true. Your vintage appliances and range hood may be of interest to collectors, especially if they're in good working order and condition. The picture frame is too dark and heavy in a room already laboring under all the dark elements. If the floor is driving you too crazy, inexpensive sisal floor mats might be a good option for now and can be used elsewhere after your renovation.

Kitchen Before & After: Making Do With a Few Small Changes Reader Kitchen Remodel
3/6/14 11:25 AM

For years lived in tiny apartments with old gas stoves that predated now-required electronic ignition stoves. My first solution about dealing with the pilot lights on such stoves was to turn off the pilot light. In most cases, under the lid of old stoves is a little screw control somewhere near the pilot light. Use a small screw driver to turn off the pilot light. You'll then have to use a match or igniter gun to light the gas burners, but that is the trade off. The top of the stove can then be used for multiple countertop purposes without worry about fire. Another alternative is to set a large metal tray or baking sheet over one side of the burners. The lip around a baking sheet prevents spills or items from falling off. Keep the dish rack off the counter and use the stove top instead to hold the dish rack when needed. It's easy enough to find cutting boards that fit into the metal trays as well.

How To Build Burner Covers and Double the Counter Space in Your Tiny Kitchen Tiny Projects for a Cozy Kitchen
1/8/14 11:03 AM

I think a couple of problems contributed to the brick collapse: extensive water damming saturated the bricks with repeated freeze and thaw exposure (spalling) weakening the wall (in your pics, you can see from the roof line on down where the previous damage occurred); the subsequent shoddy repair was done with unsuitable mortar that was harder than the brick, which puts pressure on the softened brick, allowing moisture to penetrate and causing spalling on the interior side of the wall as well. Of course, interior moisture from the apartment also penetrated the improperly uninsulated walls behind the wall board. So the exposed bricks are getting it from both sides. Maybe your condo building's insurance will cover most of these repair costs? But it's a repair that needs to be made soon.

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Hole in the Wall, Part 2 Renovation Diary
12/12/13 04:18 PM

Very much looking forward to your reno!

It's not been mentioned here, but I'm sure you already checked with your city and state building code requirements. Most states have building codes posted on line. Some cities require permits for any kind of renovation, particularly with multifamily construction. This is particularly important when dealing with old buildings that have been altered possibly by nonprofessionals in previous renovations. Hopefully, you don't have too many horrors lurking behind the walls and your plumbing and electrical systems are all up to code so that your only renovation angst will be over choosing paint colors.

Introducing Dan's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
9/17/13 02:19 PM