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lepamplemousse, we left because of the complete lack of insulation. I got sick of paying to heat the neighborhood!

Cultural Exchange: Lessons to Learn from Australian Homes
1/17/12 04:16 PM

I am not certain if I would do it without having a ridiculous story to accompany the paintings. They look like something from a Peterman catalog.

Clothes as Art: Your Favorites, Immortalized in Watercolor
1/12/12 05:00 PM

Having pair of boys: one-year-old and 32-year-old, the house gets nasty. It is also damn near impossible to keep either one of them from eating off the floor or kitchen counters, so I have to use non-toxic cleaners in the house. I'm so sick of using baking soda and vinegar to clean. Please help my house stop smelling like a cider factory and let me delegate the baking soda and vinegar back to making volcanoes, not cleaning!

Wednesday Giveaway: Method Home Products
8/8/07 02:32 PM