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that's a very cool solution, wes. I'll keep it in mind should I ever want to upgrade my Hollviken setup! The sink itself is great; the Vattern cabinet does the job but won't win any style points.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Similar, Less Expensive Vanity?
2/11/08 09:45 AM

I found the Ikea Hollviken sink on top of a Vattern sink cabinet to be a good looking and economical solution to the space problems you describe. (Maybe not as good looking as the vanity in this picture, but I think the sink, cabinet and faucet cost about $250 all together! Maybe you have to prep and paint the cabinet to get the color you want, but still, not $2K .) It does not have drawers -- I use woven wicker baskets to hold things on the shelves, and did not put doors on mine, due to the slim space in my bathroom.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Similar, Less Expensive Vanity?
2/8/08 11:18 AM

GH's frosted heather flannel sheets are fabulous.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Garnet Hill Flannel Sheets
1/18/08 08:42 AM

wow. such jaded souls!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Uzbek Suzani
12/5/07 06:55 AM

The Japanese brand Bee House (maker of those lovely round, colorful teapots that you see in Whole Foods and some boutiques) makes beautiful canisters. I see them on eBay, sometimes, but no one seems to sell them retail in the NYC area.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Storing Coffee: Canisters from Crate and Barrel
12/5/07 06:50 AM

Good catch, Matt.

That's Mycobacterium vaccae, fyi. Here's a good BBC News story about it:

Apartment Therapy - PlantTherapy: Dirt Makes You Happy?
11/12/07 05:23 AM

Nice exposure for the younger artists, but overpriced for open editions. I feel a little bad for the buyers who may eventually figure that out, and as a result not enjoy their artwork purchase quite as much.

Apartment Therapy - Pottery Barn “Art to Collect” and West Elm SCAD
9/15/07 11:22 AM

Love Craigslist -- thanks, Craig!

First off, just surfing the for sale ads is fun, as people unload gorgeous items from mid-century, ABC Home and Carpet, etc. And I've had good experiences selling.

Now, the FINDS: I've made great houseware, tech, and furniture finds for good prices. The best was a lovely woman who sold me a pristine Mitchell Gold couch, along with with two perfect leather storage ottomans and an Artecnica floor lamp for 50% (maybe less) of what it all would have cost new.

The worst? This winter and spring I bought one of those schmancy chrome kitchen trash cans off a CL listing, and also a dishwasher. And then the dishwasher began to leak. I'm assuming goodwill on the seller's part, since it worked fine for several weeks.

This is the first year in 7 that my kitchen had a major roach problem. Coincidence? I think that unfortunately, one of these finds was the culprit. I got rid of the trash can, undertook a (mostly successful to date) least-toxic eradication campaign, and probably will not buy used appliances or large kitchen items again.

It's caveat emptor out there, baby!

Apartment Therapy - Craigslist
8/28/07 10:26 AM

I am a firm believer in least toxic pest control, but that Sentry product sounds like snake oil. Those oils might have a slightly repellant effect on a pet that isn't already infested with fleas, but isn't going to get rid of a real flea problem.

Frankly, were it me (and it were, about 14 years ago when I adopted my then-kitten George), here's what I'd do:

- give the pet a bath. Have a flea comb and a little bowl or wide-mouthed bottle with some rubbing alcohol nearby. As you dunk your pet, the fleas are going to run up towards its head. Pick and comb them off and drop them in the alcohol to kill them. You might have to do this once to twice a week while you deal with the infestation, so be sure the shampoo is gentle. It's very helpful if two people are present for this: one to hold the pet in the water, and one to do the combing.

- Vacuum DAILY, including upholstry.

- DE is a great idea if you're determined to go the least toxic route. You might also want to send out slipcovers and rugs for cleaning or laundering, and try to be sure any closets or other storage areas are inaccessable to the adorable mutt.

- If you really want to avoid bombing the place, however, and not be dealing with fleas pretty much forever, you'll have to start the pet on Frontline or similar, to disrupt the flea breeding cycle. I had my cat on one of those products that you mix with his food, for years, and he is a hale and hearty 14 year old today.

Good luck!

Green Alternatives: Flea Treatment
8/13/07 11:53 AM

Beautiful, that Parsons bed. But doesn't anyone make a bed frame for both a mattress and a box spring, anymore? Ilike the height and solid look of having a boxspring, and I believe it's better for my back than a mattress alone.

Good Questions: Which Bed Would You Recommend?
7/10/07 08:32 AM

Sea, save your ears and a lot of money by using the small foam earplugs that are sold in hardware stores, instead of industrial ear protectors. They do a great job of blocking out the worst of the noise, without cutting off hearing 100%.

Susa Industrial Headphones
7/4/07 07:13 AM

Yep, I confess: I did this for years in the kitchen. Had the bag hanging on a little hook on a rolling kitchen cart. One day a friend strongly suggested that putting the garbage in a can would be a lot more pleasant, with the tone of voice implicating that I was turning into one of those NYC weirdos with stuff hanging off of stuff all over the apartment.

So, I got a little can, and yes, it's a bit more sightly and civilized. But also high irony, because my kitchen is totally unrenovated, and the least appealing room in my apartment! That can might be the cutest thing in there right now.

HOWEVER, I'll say this for the bag on the hook on the cart: never a roach problem, never ever. Whereas a tall kitchen garbage can I bought recently became infested with roaches. I ended up curbing it last night for garbage pickup today, with a warning note to any scavengers. I really dislike bringing insect poisons into my home, and that was what it seemingly was going to take to root out the last of the eggs hidden in that thing.

(I bought it used off Craigslist. Possibly the roach eggs came with it. For now, back to that little can, which has a bottom that's sealed!)

AT on: Plastic Garbage Bags on Door Knobs
6/29/07 10:06 AM