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hmm. interesting selection of finalists... looks like sparse use of color is in. then again not so much that one entry... all in all i say give it to ChrisToronto.

he took the hard way out in his color application, and a road much less traveled (and therefore brilliant) in terms of decor. vedy vedy nice.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Contest Roundup: 10.30.07
10/30/07 05:56 PM

Amanda and David, what is the wall color in your living room photo? It's so nice, I think I might just repaint my dining room that very color.

Apartment Therapy - #7 - Amanda David's Bright Personal
10/13/07 03:31 PM

great space, but it somehow feels more like a showroom, not a home...

Apartment Therapy - #1- Jason's Lofty View
10/2/07 06:22 PM

i love, love. what great eyes you have. it's absolutely fantastic, i wish i was that good...

House Tour: Joshua and Raphael's Modern Salvage Love
7/11/07 08:49 PM

are you in chicago? i bought mine at dania. they have some undesirable pieces intermingled, but i love my very reasonably priced (floor model) lime-green sleeper sofa.

Good Questions: Great Sleeper Sofa?
4/16/07 07:30 PM

i really, really, really miss seeing the entries posted as they were entered into the contest. that was my favorite part of at.....

Small Cool 2007: Don't Go Changin', To Try and Please Me...
4/6/07 10:43 AM


AT Survey: Toothpaste, The Ultimate Style Choice
3/29/07 08:16 AM