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Maybe, I'm the "odd ball" here. But I'm curious your oak cabinets look fairly new and in their own right (i.e. for what they are) beautiful. Same with your window trim Why do you want to paint them over? It would seem that you if you don't like the counters, it might be worth saving up so you can replace those. Rather than trying to do an inexpensive fix that might look cheap in the end.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: White or Black Grout for Subway Tile?
2/13/09 02:44 PM

I find the store, Scandinavian Design, located in Skokie, Illinois a much better option for Chicago-area folks. The prices are equivalent, it's a locally-owned and operated store (rather than big-box Dania,) the selection of teak furniture is much larger (for those "investment- have for a long time purchases), . . . and the owner is extremely knowledge and nice to boot. Address/#: Scandinavian Design, 4028 Dempster St, Skokie, IL 60076, (847) 568-0500,

Side note on my Dania experience:
When I was shopping for a teak dining room set, the salesmen at two different Dania stores in the Chicago-area reminded me of used car salesman in the worst possible way. I walked out each store with the impulse to make a t-shirt that said "Teak is teak. Not walnut, not cherry, birch. Teak"

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dania Furniture Opens New Algonquin Store
1/27/09 05:34 PM

grrrr, these animated ads are killing the slideshow and thumbnail feature on my computer. If I'm quick enough and the image of the condo loads before the ad, it works. If not, I have to hit back on the browser and try again.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI House Tour: Ernie & Drew's Big Sale#comments
6/12/08 06:59 AM

1) Stephanie (by far!!!!) - though I'm curious how she'll enrich her entry
2) Rachel
3) Lisette
4) Suzi

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalists: Fantasy League Thread
4/30/08 10:22 AM

I've finally seen a studio space that makes me reconsider why I'm living in my one bedroom sooo far north when I work downtown. Chicago too! Your place is wonderful. Some of the furniture pieces aren't my bag of tea. BUT the arrangement and feel of the place. WOW!!! So airy, clean, yet not sterile or over modern. I keep going back to look again.

I appreciate your closet shot. The cork board for a bulletin board in the back is simple yet so ingenious. Avoid a clutter look in the condo, but still allows for a free form every changing array of ideas. The shoe portion of the closet does make me curious about the rest of the closet and the amount of space. The photos and floorplans are fabulous and very thorough. Your place really got me thinking as I'm contemplating a move this summer. Thank you for taking the time to share! I loved seeing the inside of a Marina Towers unit.

P.S. I always dig seeing cool shoes. You have some great ones!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #23: Stephanie's Life of Pie
4/22/08 11:37 AM

German blood. 1920's-style Chicago apartment. Brand Loyal Customer, yet always ready to switch to the better performing product. "Home Comfort: The Art and Science of Keeping House" by Cheryl Mendelson occupies a prominent space on my bookshelves. Give me a minute and I'll rattle off the best cleaning stuff out there. . . . thus far.

Would love to see if Method products can meet the cleaning challenge.

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