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This sounds like such a neat book! I looked it up, and in Chicago, it's legal to have up to five hives of bees. Perhaps a future hobby :)

The Rooftop Beekeeper by Megan Paska New Cookbook
4/4/14 01:32 PM

Love these recipes! I just made homemade date bars with unsweetened cocoa for the first time last week, will definitely be adding a few of these to my snack list.

10 Homemade Snacks to Get You Through the Work Day Recipes from The Kitchn
2/25/14 08:25 AM

Love these! So sweet. The "radishing" one is my favorite. Pinning a few :)

Lettuce Grow Old Together: 10 Great Valentine Day's Cards for Food Lovers
2/5/14 09:04 PM

Love this list :) Add blood oranges to my list - I have been getting a bag every week if possible!

6 Things Keeping Us Cozy This Week What's Making Us Happy This Week
2/4/14 08:40 AM

Great links today, I'm especially excited to check out the interview with Michael Pollan.

What to Read This Weekend: Pollan on Paleo, Kale at the Super Bowl, and Gastronomic Voyeurism 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
1/31/14 01:51 PM

Is it still healthy if I eat the whole bowl? :) This recipe looks awesome!

Healthy Dip Recipe: French Onion Dip with Caramelized Onions & Greek Yogurt Recipes from The Kitchn
1/31/14 10:41 AM

In the middle of dip season... that made me laugh about loud. Growing up in Iowa, I had my share of "dips" made with melted velveeta + a can of Rotel :) I mean, it's pretty delicious.

What's the Deal With This Velveeta Shortage? The Cheesemonger
1/29/14 10:31 PM

Beautiful! My favorite part is the exposed brick walls. I love Wicker Park :)

Ellen & Greg's Renovated Loft Kitchen Kitchen Tour
1/29/14 10:27 PM

This cookbook sounds really interesting! I don't agree that eating wheat = guilt but the rest sounds like it could be inspiring.

The Guilt-Free Gourmet by Jordan & Jessica Bourke New Cookbook
1/16/14 09:19 AM

Love him! I was so excited to see his appearance on Top Chef last week.

Don't Forget the Wine! Jacques Pepin's 5 Habits for Better Cooking Kitchen Habits of Good Cooks
1/14/14 11:37 AM

I have been obsessed with soups lately with the cold weather in Chicago - I have made three in the past two weeks! Love this list, bookmarking.

10 Vegetarian Soups to Warm You Up Recipes from The Kitchn
1/8/14 09:34 AM

The crockpot is your friend! I love making 'homemade' shredded chicken to use in different recipes - 1 pound fresh chicken breasts, 1/2 cup chicken stock, 1/2 teaspoon pepper. Set on high for 2 hours, and shred with 2 forks! I have a crockpot with a black interior so it cooks a bit faster than a white one.

What Are Your Best Meat-Cooking Tips for an Ex-Vegetarian? Good Questions
1/2/14 08:08 AM

Ooh, love this list. I'm always looking for new food instagram people to follow, will check those out!

#FF for 2013: Our Favorite Food-Related Accounts on Social Media The Kitchn's Best of 2013
1/2/14 08:06 AM

#'s 5, 12, and 14 are high on my list for this year! I would also add making homemade bread:)

15 Skills Every Cook Should Know The Kitchn's Best of 2013
1/2/14 08:04 AM

This is great info - I recently started using parchment paper for all baking / roasting, but mostly for ease of cleanup. I didn't realize it made a difference in not burning the cookies! Awesome.

Tip: The Secret to Baking Perfectly Browned Cookies Every Time
12/16/13 08:28 AM

That mango purple cabbage slaw looks amazing - perfect for forgetting the numerous inches of snow we got in Chicago yesterday!

Gingerbread Waffles & Mango Purple Cabbage Salad Delicious Links
12/9/13 09:38 AM

This is very interesting! My dad is vegan for health reasons and also has to avoid salt - kidney issues. I completely understand where you're coming from!

8 Things I've Learned About Cooking Without Gluten, Dairy, Nuts and Sugar
12/4/13 09:34 AM

Smart ideas. I'm introducing my family to farro this week with a butternut squash / dried cherry / roasted chickpea / roasted broccoli / maple dressing salad.

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Whole Grains at the Holiday Table
11/26/13 06:36 PM

I might have to try making this at my mom's this weekend! Sounds just delicious. These crisps remind me of raisin crisp crackers from Trader Joes that I love.

Recipe: Harvest Crackers with Cranberries, Pecans & Rosemary Recipes from The Kitchn
11/26/13 06:34 PM

Those brown butter Brussel sprouts sound amazing! I might be adding this to my thanksgiving list :)

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts Pasta & Cranberry Margaritas Delicious Links
11/25/13 09:47 AM