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Who did you contact at the Fairmont? I've had easy success with getting their mattress and wonderful pillows. I spoke with the purchasing director at the Chicago Fairmont. Wonderful person to deal with.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fairmont Hotel Sofa or Something Similar? Good Questions
9/15/09 03:28 PM

THANK YOU for this post. these places look fantastic. i've been looking for suggestions for the Wis/Mich area as we are complete novices.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Great Lakes Escapes
7/16/09 10:52 AM

Redhead - please provide the link to the Ikea bed you're referring to. I have never seen it and am very interested in it.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | White Looks RightElle Decor
6/5/09 04:53 PM

Just saw their bedsets - SEETHING with jealousy.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Habitat For Kids
5/6/09 11:34 AM

I dream of some day owning a Montauk chair where I can just sink into it and read to my heart's content.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | On Sale: Armchairs
5/1/09 11:36 AM

As a Chicago area resident, mobility means this to me: somewhat tolerable distance to downtown as well as an airport if driving (I now live in the burbs), easy access to public transportation and easy access to grocery stores, etc. Perhaps if I lived in Southern California, walking or biking a mile to a train station would be no big deal, but as others have said, when you live in Chicago where the winter lasts half the year, that is really not an option. I do live in a burb now that gives me all those mobility options I mentioned above and I really appreciate it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Mobility, Access, and Public Transit
4/16/09 01:59 PM

Question - did you do the reupholstering yourself, or did you have it professionally done? If so, how much was that?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Makeover: Dutailier Glider
3/18/09 10:14 AM

I ride the Green Line as well and have never seen worthwhile pieces in the numerous dumpsters we zoom past. Guess I need to get my head out of my books. I really like what they did with the exterior, the combination of materials and colors. I wish I knew where they were approximately in Oak Park so I can stalk by and see for myself. While I love the abundance of beautiful but more "vintage" architecture in Oak Park/River Forest, I can really appreciate what Tina and Brian have done here. It's certainly 10x better than the McMansions that have popped up in the area.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Call: Brian & Tina's Modern Makeover
3/10/09 10:49 AM

His prices are also most unlike Ikea.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Etsy Scavenger: Pinwheel Toy Box#comments#comments
1/14/09 05:11 PM

I'm really intrigued by the Modern Economy online sample sale. Is it going to be a test of who can click the fastest?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sales Calendar: 10.07.08 Chicago
10/7/08 10:03 AM

How did you get the upgrade? Was a tip slipped?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hotel Tour: The Dana in Downtown Chicago
9/4/08 12:37 PM

I DETEST the skip hop mats. As pyjammy said, they are in way too many pieces and so it takes forever to put them back together when your daughter decides to take all of them apart, or even just to put them down for the first time after you clean them. They also attract dust and hair like flypaper. They also get divits and scratches in them fairly easily, but this is not really the reason I don't like them. I think the idea was great but the practicality wasn't thought through.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Reader Tip: Connect-A-Mat
7/23/08 10:56 AM

Ergh...Back to this product. I'm glad to see you guys post something about it. I've used the orange vanilla and ginger bergamot hand soaps and really like both. The soaps don't feel harsh, nor too slimey (washes off easily) and the scents are really well balanced and smell "natural", for lack of better words. I've also purchased the hand sanitizer and like the product. They say only 2 squirts is enough which seems too little at times but I do stick to it. Overall, I like their products quite a bit. I was a Mrs. Meyers person, but have switched over with respect to the handsoaps.

Regarding the reports, if the bad ingredient is triclosan and CleanWell's products don't have it, does this mean this is a "good" or at least ok antibacterial soap?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The CleanWell Company: Green Antibacterial Sanitizers
6/8/08 06:59 PM

Ugh...a couple years back they brought the warehouse sales to Chicago in a west suburb. I scored some MAJUH deals. I've been pestering them to do it again in Chicago but no luck.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Within Reach Warehouse Sale: Hebron, Kentucky
6/3/08 10:54 AM

Holy cow. Thank you so much everyone. This has been very helpful. And I sooo appreciate the referrals for the contractors. We have one estimate in but need to get a few more.

We are on a somehwhat tight budget but want to do this right as this is our only (and small) bathroom on the 2nd floor where all the bedrooms are. The easiest way to open the entire space up would be just to forego the tub, but having a young toddler and likely adding one more in the future, we would like to keep the tub but still want the separate shower if possible (I know there's been debates on whether you truly need a tub and for us, we've made the decision that we do). We have definite design ideas (thanks to AT and its resourceful and stylin' commentators!) so we won't necessarily need a designer.

Thanks again!!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Which Professional Do We Need?
5/16/08 07:01 AM

Did AT do a bathroom month? I thought so but I can't remember. About to start rehabbing our small bathroom so would love to see some ideas. Thanks.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Open Thread: 108
4/28/08 08:15 AM

Anyone care to venture a guess on the kitchen cabinets? I adore them. I wish there were pictures of the bathrooms, too.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Modern Minnesota HomeCookie Nesting Blog 04.2008
4/28/08 07:07 AM

Good lord, I just want to move right in.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Modern Minnesota HomeCookie Nesting Blog 04.2008
4/28/08 07:05 AM

Good gawd! that's a cute baby!

Also, thanks for the tip on this place.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Jubilee Furniture: Vintage Finds at Thrift Store Prices
2/14/08 07:57 AM

1) aquaphor - as a diaper cream, to put on cuts, dry skin (especially in the winter weather), around the mouth area if drooling and developing a rash, and smoothing hair down for an impromptu photo op. It's really the all in one.

2) Wipes.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #9: Win a Dante Beatrix Thing One Stroller Tote and Envelope
12/14/07 07:18 AM