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I love how Heather has stayed true to herself in creating these serene, romantic spaces. With all the design messages being thrown at us these days, it would have been easy to be swayed in all kinds of other directions.
Top marks for amazing use of vintage in what looks like (did anybody even notice?) a fairly modern house. It is so easy to miss the artistry involved... and I do feel this is a very liveable space. Probably more so than many. I would love to escape to Heather's and drink tea on that sofa!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Heather's Vintage Granny Chic House Tour
11/7/09 09:32 AM

Quite apart from the amazing quality of the light in this house (which I love!) you have done an amazing job of combining the very different styles.
It's mixed up, but doesn't look messy, and pared down without looking bare. In fact, this looks like such a comfortable house to live in!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ally's Contemporary with a Touch of Paris Glam House Call
9/25/09 09:29 AM