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have you even looked at the brand lately?? there is nothing "goth" about it....i think it's really fresh..the world doesn't need another brown leather chair! also, the entire world is on sale at the moment...

Apartment Therapy New York | Tufted Lounge Chair from Brocade Home Washington DC
8/6/08 03:49 AM

doesn't anyone have an original idea anymore????? i agree that this is definitely iconic brocade home--if i were them, i would address this! come on ikea--can't u come up with something interesting without copying something already out there??


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Louis Comes to Ikea: The Trollsta Collection
4/9/08 02:02 PM

i purchased a handcarved headboard, bedframe and floor mirror recently...i just love these pieces..they are even more beautiful in person....the experience was seamless, and my order arrived in perfect condition. the pieces look far more expensive than they even do in the catalog...i highly recommend!!!

Apartment Therapy - Top Ten: Accents from Brocade Home
10/22/07 01:38 PM

do u ever have ANYTHING positive to say about ANYTHING????????

Apartment Therapy - From AT: Chicago Our site that covers the Midwest
8/15/07 01:57 PM

if you understand the catalog world at all you will see that every company sends out several versions of the same thing as it is impossible to constantly offer new merchandise, photograph it over and over again and run a business. try flipping thru pottery barns 200 pages of the same things they've been running for years--now that's painful!!

Apartment Therapy - The Brighter Side: Brocade Home's Fall Collection
8/15/07 04:45 AM

i purchased that same sectional in flax linen about a month ago and it's really beautiful...i put it in my beach house and it is just perfect. in addition, it is really well made (by mitchell gold) and completely comfortable (i've slept on it!!)....quality as good, actually better than crate & barrel, pottery barn, etc....

Brocade Home Tufted Sectional and Half Circle Chair
8/14/07 04:38 AM

i can tell you that i purchased a bedframe and headboard about 4 months ago and i love it. the quality is just great and i can't stop looking at it!!! you won't be disappointed!

Good Questions: Brocade Home Quality?
8/11/07 05:14 AM

love, love, love...looks so new and fresh...the new catalog is simply fantastic with so many great items, i can't wait to buy!!

The Brighter Side: Brocade Home's Fall Collection
8/9/07 10:54 AM

love the wallpaper...yes, brocade has a distinct style, however, if you look thru the gallery pages of their website, they have lots of options in tables, storage, beds, etc. that alot of people could use and mix with things they already have...

Brocade Home's Wallpaper
8/9/07 10:49 AM

i have found a few dressers similar to this at flea markets and have refinished them. the shape of the brocade dressser is very different than the orange one, so i am not sure why (other than a hi/low thing) you are even comparing. not sure why the orange one is worth $5k anyway...

Carved Dressers at Brocade Home
8/8/07 07:27 AM


i have purchased several things from brocade home over the past several months: white handcarved headboard and silhouette bedframe (which i love!), wallpaper print duvet, hourglass side table and clear moulin chandelier. i have to say that the catalog doesn't even do these things justice--they even look more beautiful in person and i couldn't be happier! my experience in getting my things was good and i highly recommend brocade as a brand!!


Good Questions: Brocade Home Quality?
8/8/07 07:23 AM