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Agreed! I'm currently trying to move towns and can't sell our house, and totally regret choosing to buy instead of rent.

I also always find it hilarious when people think there's a guaranteed return on investment with real estate...

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/18/14 09:54 PM

We DO have a hard for our medium sized dog, and she's basically only put there to go pee when it's cold and we are too lazy to walk her. Otherwise she goes for off leash walks, ball tossing, swims, daycare etc. Sometimes in the summer we lay out there together and sunbathe. She'd be totally fine in an apartment, as she really just wants to be with us. <3. (she's a rescue too!)

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/12/14 12:54 PM

I'd love to see the "before" in the daytime and the "after" shot at night. ;)

Before & After: A Year-Long Living Room Transformation
3/9/14 01:16 PM

I'd think it would be easier, and a lot less wasteful, to buy some trim at your hardware store and just make a custom size then paint or stain it to your liking.

Experience Turning IKEA STAVE Mirror into Picture Frame? Good Questions
3/3/14 07:57 AM

Buy really, really nice balsamic and olive oil, then just drizzle each on top. Don't even have to mix them together, easiest salad ever.

Ideas for Salad Dressings Without Added Sugar? Good Questions
1/14/14 07:29 AM

Baking soda is cheap. If it's happening with multiple recipes, why not just buy a new box to find out if that's the issue...?

What's Wrong With My Baking Soda? Good Questions
9/3/13 11:40 PM

You can always email whatever magazine or company it is, and they'll let you know. I've done this before.

Source for Tchotchkes Spotted at West Elm? Good Questions
8/18/13 11:08 AM

Yes, what Sugar Scientist recommended above! I clicked through just to recommend these!

I used to live in the far Canadian north, where "fresh" lettuce would last 2 days if you were lucky. With these bad boys it would last a whole week! And that's saying something, because you know the lettuce you'd never buy at the grocery store? That was the good looking stuff way up in the north.

Couldn't live without these, we also have the berry ones.

How Can I Keep Vegetables Fresh Without a Crisper Drawer? Good Questions
7/30/13 09:48 PM

Heh, that was my thought too Parnassus. :)

I agree with what others have said about a tray, or some other way of setting a specific contained area. Having defined boundaries to the collection makes it look "cleaner" and less cluttery.

They don't all have to go on a single tray - you might find that you can put all the small ones arranged somehow, and then have the bigger items arranged around it or something. But containing the small items is the key to making it less cluttery (but lots of small items will, inevitably, look at least somewhat cluttered)

How Do I Arrange Knicknacks on Sideboard? Good Questions
7/29/13 10:45 AM

I didn't think it was so bad...until the picture of it on. GAH! Ouch.

Do you have a handy friend who could install a dimmer??

What Do I Do with this Ugly Light Fixture? Good Questions
7/8/13 11:19 PM

"oriental"? Is it 1913 or 2013?

How To Spruce Up New, Bland Bedroom? Good Questions
5/29/13 08:35 AM

Diet = what you eat. You lead this article by basically saying that eating doesn't work for her...? (for all the things that annoy me about it, I've only heard of paleo eating being referred to as a "diet" in the original sense, i.e. as a lifestyle/way of eating).

On Saying No to Paleo: Why Eating Isn't One Size Fits All
5/24/13 11:07 PM

We went with a cloth ottoman (in a funky pattern because of all our neutrals), and just put a large serving tray on top for when guests come over. We also have plenty of side tables for drinks and plates.

Best Style Coffee Table To Suit Preston Sofa? Good Questions
5/10/13 08:55 AM

I bought this Hemnes bed on Canada a year ago.

However, I believe they just revamped the entire Hemnes line a few months ago.

What's the Name of this Brown IKEA Bed? Good Questions
5/7/13 08:24 AM

Agreed, really like the room... but saddened to see it described as "boy".

Levi's Boyish Mix My Room
4/24/13 08:32 AM

*shudder* Eye poking concerns. Price. Glob still just sliding down the handle.

Is it really that hard to lean the knife on a plate, or scrape the PB on the edge of the jar or something?

The Standing Spreader Knife: Could This Be the Smartest Invention Ever?
3/16/13 10:18 PM

I think it's smart to start teaching kids how to moderate themselves when it comes to "bad but fun" treats, and how to keep it as a treat.

(But please don't mistake apple juice as "healthier" than pop. It's the same thing, loaded with just as much sugar. And please don't give me the "natural sugar" line, because that's just not true)

Letting Go: How Junk Food Made Its Way Into Our Home
2/23/13 04:31 PM

We use Astrid. I like that I can see if/when we've each completed the task, and that there's also web-based access. I also like that you can set priorities, and reminders! (it also reminds me when to phone someone back)

Recommendations for a Shared Grocery List App? Good Questions
2/18/13 01:28 PM

*women's love of CRAFTING - nice job, autocorrect...

Fabulous Play Bakery Bakerella
2/16/13 02:24 PM

I agree that no where in the original post does it mention kids, just this Wang's love of cresting.

AT added the part about it providing hours of fun for a kid.

Fabulous Play Bakery Bakerella
2/11/13 07:41 AM