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What can/should a rental company do about reoccurring noise? I call downstairs at least 3x a week because of my neighbor blaring his music, often more because he'll turn it down and then turn it back up 20 min later as though that's somehow ok. They do call up to him to tell him to turn it down and they will go up and knock on his door, but I'd love to know if there's anything they could do to stop this from happening in the future.

I also tried politely talking with my neighbor about the noise and his smoke (most people in the building who smoke do so outside) and he just mumbled that he likes his cigs and music, I should deal.

This is a great post for me. I otherwise love my apartment (low rent for the area, great location, they allow my cat) but the noise and serious second hand smoke issues are really bothersome!

What to Do When Management Doesn't Act On Complaints? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/28/10 03:53 PM

I had to laugh when I came across this post. My boyfriend had to work tonight so I decided to do some deep cleaning as a "present" (decided against actual presents this year because we're saving up for a few things). My "break tv" (getting away from bathroom chemicals) is Clean House. If I keep it on and browse through apartment therapy, after about 5 minutes I'm back up and sorting through books or my closet while the chemicals air out. It keeps me much more productive than any other show.

The Best of Clean House | Apartment Therapy New York
2/14/10 06:28 PM

You could use it for clothes that are too ripped or stained to be donated to people and donate the ones that are okay to your local homeless shelter/clothing bank. That's what I did with my last cleanout--good clothing went to people, fabric that had small holes or stains was repurposed for animals as blankets or bandannas (bandannas actually really help larger and darker dogs get adopted, it's weird but it works).

Also, when dogs get older they can have joint problems that make it painful for them to sleep directly on the floor.

Personally, I think it'd be great to make some of these yourself and donate them to your local animal shelter. Most shelters don't have comfy carpet floors which means that even young dogs need something soft to rest on to keep them from cold concrete. I know the shelter I volunteer at is always asking for cushions and blankets of various sizes to help keep our cats and dogs comfy as they wait for their forever home. People toss their animals out and it's up to the rest of us humans to care for them.

Hot or Not? Recycled Dog Bed | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/2/10 03:13 PM

The skin looks fake to me so maybe it's supposed to tie in together?

Tess Jesse's Ongoing Project House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
1/8/10 03:39 PM

Sorry, BerlinDirk, but I have to disagree with you. I neither brag nor boast with my books. I have Cicero and Crusie and love both, but realize they are not valued the same by the outside world. The books I keep are those that mean something to me and/or I crave at midnight when I can't go to the library, or have reread so many times that I can open to a random page and be comforted by a familiar story (McKinley's "Beauty" is my favorite "comfort book"). I love to read and, unfortunately, read quite quickly so I have many books around because I don't know what I'll want after a long day at work. I do have some reference type books--animal behavior, Latin references, cookbooks, etc--but the bulk of my collection are books I reread and love and pull off the shelves regularly. If I haven't opened a book in a year I do get rid of it, when I moved I had to make it 6 months and I had to give the books to friends who would lend them at a moment's notice. My library is not very good and doesn't carry some of the books that are only ten years old. Fifty, yes, 2 yes, but from about 5-45 years my public library is quite sparse.

Apartment Therapy DC | Rooms Brimming with Book Collections
9/25/09 05:03 PM

I don't think either type is selfish, so long as they're trying to control their tendencies when it affects others. Doesn't the book refer to it as Warm people and Cool people?
My boyfriend doesn't like to have a lot of possessions around, but admits that being able to keep them in family storage helps with that. My "storage" is a six hour drive away so my apartment looks more cluttered than his. I also have a lovely cat who believes it is his personal mission to destroy any attempts at organization. I do have a giant box of stuff to give away now--computer pieces, clothes, books, but even that took days because of the memories stirred up by even an old t-shirt that doesn't fit or a book given to me that I read once and didn't like. Regular cleaning, understanding, and some wine are the best ways to deal with a packrat like me.

Apartment Therapy DC | Living With: A Pack Rat
9/24/09 01:59 PM