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Hey..I live in central Ohio. Can we be friends?! ;)

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10/28/11 10:23 AM

I also used Potty training in less than a day. It was a great success.
Just as the other poster said...it wasn't as easy and glamorous as the story in the book but my son certainly had the basics down by the end of the day. We did it on a Friday in April. No distractions (little one went to daycare, dog went to daycare). By Monday he was good with no accidents...and no overnight accidents. (Two over night accidents since April but were due to tons of liquids at dinner). I don't recommend using Pull Ups. It was all or nothing for us.
It's definitely a rough day but other friends I know spend weeks & months. I'll use this method again for my 10 month old when it's time. One draining day is way better than 5-6 weeks of trying.

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/19/11 03:33 PM

I have that bed too! Mine was white when I found it (on a porch..I approached and purchased). I immediately stripped it and sealed it. I've had it for years and since we had two baby boys, I thought I wouldn't use it again until we had a spare room. But maybe I could use it for one of the boys. I always thought it would be too girly but this is perfect!

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6/27/11 03:14 PM

Went on Sat (7/24) to the West Chester, OH location and purchased the toy storage and desk. LOVE IT! Had no idea it was part of the new line. It looked like they had every item in that store.

*New* Stuva Kids Furniture Line Debuts at Ikea | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/26/10 11:11 AM

I have this bed but haven't gotten it out of the box yet! My son is still very happy in his crib!
We decided to go with a toddler bed and hopefully skip the twin bed! I absolutely hate twin beds..(They're more expensive than toddler beds and we'd have to buy a mattress and boxspring)! We have a mattress for the toddler bed and we bought the toddler bed used. So hopefully when my little guy grows out of this bed we can put him in a full bed (which we already have)...and he can use the full bed until he's an adult. And our second son can also use the toddler bed when he's ready. But to each their own!
Can't wait to use this bed!

Modern Toddler Bed by KidKraft | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/18/10 09:59 AM

Love the Fat Boy. Can you let us know where & how you got the discount? We are having a new little one this summer and need some type of seating for our 22 month old.
Love the map too. We want one for our den. Would love to know where you got it!

Sam's Roadmap For Adventure Mini Room Tour | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/2/10 02:45 PM

My first (almost 2) is Max...named after my husbands grandfather Maxime (Swedish). I loved it. Before we knew the sex of that baby we had two names picked out. Max and my grandmother's name...Ruby. I've always loved that name too. My husband agreed. We had never heard of the cartoon. So now..I'm pregnant with number 2 and refuse to give up my beloved Ruby...even if my kids will be tortured. I just hope that those dumb bunnies will be canceled soon!! :)

Hippest, Hottest and Most Happenin' Names of 2010 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/19/10 04:26 PM