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I love you! Can I move in?!

The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake House Tour
7/15/14 11:29 AM

I really love this, it's so personal and real. And I love that little nursery/dressing room -- such a clever use of space!

Ali & Dustin's \"Beach House Getaway\" in Downtown Denver House Tour
7/10/14 11:09 AM

Second that, please!

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/10/14 10:23 AM

This is so amazing. I love this place! All those books! For the hoarder comments... you've clearly never seen a hoarder's home.

Jeff's Texture and Tone Abode House Tour
5/8/14 10:24 PM

OMG thank you! I am DYING after reading only two posts... I now have a minor headache. This is seriously the worst web font ever.

Oh! And I love this dresser redo. The knobs are amazing and the color is just lovely. Such a nice job, you'd never know it was the same piece!

Before & After: Kim's Nursery Dresser
5/8/14 10:17 PM

I love this! It makes me want to be young and single and living in a beautiful, neat, eclectic yet spare and uncluttered studio. I love the white furniture, the pops of aqua, the tiny artwork, the long dresser, the chair... love it all. Fantastic job!

Jacqueline's Bright & Airy West Village Studio House Tour
3/16/14 12:44 AM


Adam's Art and Antique-filled Apartment House Call
3/8/14 09:14 PM

I love this post. Every time I see some piece of mass produced art in somebody's home and I *know* they just bought it because they needed something to fill up a space (not because they really did like it or love it -- I'm not being a snob about mass produced art!!), a little piece of me dies.

Actually, the whole genesis for my graphic design business and print shop was because I was looking for the perfect prints for displaying my husband and my home towns, and the town where we live (our son's home town). I wasn't happy with anything I found, so I made my own design -- cities and states made up of hearts. And now, 6 months later, the business is going strong. And I have a no-brainer gift for friends when the holidays roll around... ;)

4 Ideas For Finding More Meaningful Art
2/23/14 09:14 PM

This is so awesome. I love all the little items and interesting pieces displayed so it's not cluttered. And that sleeping nook! Ugh! So wonderful.

Sarah's Curio Filled Studio House Tour
2/15/14 10:04 PM

Such lovely pieces! Those paper cuts are beautiful, especially the Pablo Neruda one! I also do totally customizable art perfect for Valentine's day over at my Etsy shop -- it's so fun to see what people come up with. I love helping people express their love!

Valentine's Day Ideas: Give Custom, Personalized Art
2/6/14 08:49 PM

I love the idea that it's OK to spend money on something for your kid. Because so often I feel like there's judgment for doing so, and you know what? Some things I bought super cheap, and some things are hand-me-downs, and other things I spent probably too much money on. Like his bla bla doll ... that he LOVES.

But then again, there's the $80 Pottery Barn lamp I bought that he knocked off the changing table and broke. Hey... we got a good 11 months of me looking at it and really loving it ;)

A Little Lesson on Knowing When To Splurge on Kids Decor
1/24/14 09:03 PM

This is great advice. I find that when I start small, I end up getting on a roll and keep everything so much cleaner. It's so much better to just tell myself, all I need to do is put away 3 things than, omg this place is a pigsty I need to reorganize everything and dust the baseboards and repaint the ceiling and GAH!

The \"3 Things\" Rule: Inching Toward Cleanliness
1/21/14 01:15 PM

I've had good luck with Bona laminate and stone cleaner, with a regular microfiber mop. Everything else left streaks or didn't work.

How To Clean Laminate Floors
1/20/14 01:26 PM

IKEA allen wrenches.

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/10/14 03:05 PM

I'm going to clean up/paint over the paint drips and smudges that got all over our baseboards and ceilings when we painted the house ourselves, and patch up the paint in the rooms the professional painters did (and we then ruined by dinging furniture into, etc.)

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 09:50 AM

I really love this place. This is the kind of place I would have just DIED over as a kid. Can you imagine her friends visiting? I bet they're so jealous.

I'd love a teepee to sleep in on nice nights. Gorgeous, great work, you can tell their heart and soul has been poured into this place!

David and Jennifer's Handmade Home House Tour
11/12/13 10:53 AM

Wow. I need to learn to stay away from the comments section... it's like I read it because I know it's going to make me angry. I have always come to Apartment Therapy because it's a site about EVERYDAY design. Regular-people design. It's not unattainable. They have always featured DIY projects, real people's homes, dorm rooms, nurseries, workspaces... I have never expected them to show the uber-polished and unique and edgy digs of professionally styled and designed homes (though they do sometimes, and that's cool, too). Why all the hate? Geez.

I LOVE this home and how there's such evidence of living and fun in it! I absolutely love the kitchen island and the swing in the backyard. It looks like a great place for both adults and kids to live. And man... your lamps! So great :)

Matt's Family-Friendly Designer Home House Tour
11/9/13 02:52 PM

This is so lovely! I just pinned, um, practically the entire thing. Where are the tea towels from in the kitchen (the Chicago and Nebraska ones hanging from the oven handle)??

Elizabeth's Color-Filled Apartment House Tour
10/28/13 08:36 PM

Absolutely not. I remember my parents were looking at houses when I was younger and found one they really liked, and then found out that a previous owner had killed herself in the home. They did not buy that home.

Would You Live in a Home that was the Scene of a Crime?
5/30/13 03:48 PM

I love this! So much personal stuff without looking cluttered, great integration of kids' stuff, homey and stylish. This is one of my new favorites!

Marisa and Peter's Playfully Eclectic Home House Tour
5/23/13 02:50 PM