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I don't know how DIY-interested you are, but you could make some that are the right size and material that you want.
Here's a tutorial on Design Sponge for something similar:

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5/2/11 12:10 PM

Where is that light from?! It is amazing! Anyone know or know of something like it?

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4/12/11 11:56 PM

Is this a technique that could be used of butternut squash or other squashes? I love cooking with squash but am always concerned about cutting off my fingers!

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11/23/10 04:44 PM

Depending on what kind of container you use to store your leftovers in makes a difference. If you're using plastic containers (gladware, etc) and you put hot food into the container you risk BPA leaking into the food.

Check out this link for more info about BPA http://www.hhs.gov/safety/bpa/
it's more about preventing risk for children but it's still important information to know.

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7/30/10 01:51 PM

the picture looks like its from Bo Concept. http://www.boconcept.us/Default.aspx?ID=83605&ImageID=692&flashimageid=0

If you want to pay $500 plus, go for it. But like everyone else has mentioned, it wouldn't be too hard to construct yourself.

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9/23/09 07:22 PM