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I have taken this test several times, I always get a 0

Take the Quiz: How Well Do You See Color in the Kitchen?
5/21/14 04:21 PM

I also used to eat raw rhubarb as a kid dipped in sugar.

It's Rhubarb Season, So Here's What You Need to Know! Ingredient Intelligence
5/20/14 10:40 AM

I bought a beat up iron and brass bed recently and luckily it had the rails but I had to make slats for it so the mattress wouldn't slide off. It's extremely sturdy, they just don't make them like this. I really love the colors she used, the before is cool too but not every house can pull off the weathered look.

Before & After: A Rusty Old Bed Gets Beautifully Restored
5/9/14 10:58 AM

Mine did this last year and I believe it was because it was getting too much sun so I moved it to a shady spot. It does not do well in the winter when i bring it inside, they seem to do best in filtered light when there is a balance of not too much water, and not too dry.

Can I Save My Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant? Good Questions
4/21/14 01:23 PM

Beautiful job! I would also take it a step further and sand and polyurethane the legs to make it look completely brand new.

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/20/14 04:24 PM

I've always used an old fashioned manual hand mixer to whip cream, works better than anything and easy to rinse off in the since when you're done.

Kitchen Hack: Make Whipped Cream in a French Press | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/4/10 12:16 PM