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Does anyone know if you can get a nice smooth finish using a roller to apply chalkboard paint? My finish looks kind of textured. The man at the paint store said it is orange peel. I've read about many people applying it to walls with a roller and they say they love it. I wouldn't be happy with a wall that looks like my finished product. I am trying to make 2'X2' chalkboards. I started with masonite, but I finally found 2'X4' chalkboard material. The only problem is it is green and I need black. So, the man at the paint store said just paint them with the black - sounds easy enough. But no such luck. I've followed every tip I've been told - make sure you start with a clean, smooth surface, don't shake the paint, stir it for 5 minutes, don't press hard, let the roller do the work, use the right kind of roller, etc. I have tried different brands of paint, different rollers (1/4" nap for ultra smooth finish, foam) Oh, and some of the rollers I bought were not cheap.
I am on my third can of paint, so this is getting a bit expensive (for a so called cheap project). And I want to make several. I won't use spay paint without a paint booth, so that is out. I'm really not good at using a brush, but I thought a roller would be a cinch.
I am open to suggestions. At this point I am ready to cry, but I AM DETERMINED NOT TO GIVE UP.
Thanks in advance for any help!

How To... Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint
8/7/07 12:35 PM