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I would LOVE a scheme like this. This year my family and I have only put our bin out once for kerbside collection and next year we are not planning on putting it out at all.
We put out less than 100gms per week of non recyclable waste and the rest is reused, recycled or composted:

Pay-As-You-Throw Trash: What Do You Think? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
11/25/09 04:52 AM

Great suggestion. I would love to make hampers this year, but like stellato says it's good to get away from Christmassy things that people might have had enough of.

I'll be trying chutney, mulled wine sachets, special biscuits, posh bread but I'm not sure what else, so I'll be looking forward to reading everyone else's suggestions.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Simple Green: Give Consumables this Holiday Season
11/6/09 02:36 AM

I'd say I only 'need' 5 of those items - car, landline phone, cell, home computer and internet access. The rest I live without already!

Great list and interesting how most results have dropped by quite a lot in the past few years.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Do You Really Need That?
11/4/09 03:32 PM

Weird isn't it? I used to think my Grandma was weird too for all the things she held on to and reused; but you know what? She seemed such a happy lady - perhaps she lived within her means ;)

The idea behind this post is excellent; to reuse something one more time. I've linked to this on blog this morning. Thanks for sharing such a simple and effective idea:

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Simple Green: Use It One More Day, One More Time
11/1/09 03:01 AM

Some fab ideas on that list - thank you! It's always good to be reminded. I let things slip from time to time, so re-reading is really valuable.

I love my crock pot and even use it to make porrage - it's lovely to come down to a warm breakfast in the winter! I also turn my oven off for ten minutes before the end of cooking time and I pack my oven full each time I cook by batch baking and then freezing cakes and biscuits for future eating.

Additionally I have a great tip to save a huge percentage of your cooking energy. I've written about it on my blog. It's not rocket science, but I urge people to experiment with cooking things like pasta, rice and potatoes and see if it can work for you:

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 11 Energy-Saving Cooking Tips
10/30/09 01:58 PM

I've got there eventually; it's taken 18 months to put the new habit in place and finally remember each time!

I've made a You Tube vid of what we do; it's not rocket science by any means, but sometimes a visual reminder can be strong.

On occasions we have forgotten, we have done as your fourth friend did and carried it by hand - there is nothing like pain and inconvenience to make you remember next time LOL!

And finally, my wonderful husband came up with this ingenious idea when we were caught out sans reusable bag:

I love your idea, m-j-s72; it's simple but effective!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Oops! 5 Tools To Help You Remember Your Reusable Bags
10/27/09 03:15 PM

Great post - we've been TV free for over 10 years; our daughter is 9, so has never grown up with one and I think it has benefited her imagination and motivation to take part in creative activities.

Regarding a polite shopping trip; I'm not sure what I would do. I like to think I would say No thanks to the kind gesture.

Anyway, I linked to this post on my blog today, as I think mindful consumerism is something we should all be more aware of:

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Simple Green: Living With Less And Explaining Why You Do It
10/25/09 07:47 AM

Reuse is a good option; if you look around your home you might find plenty of polythene bags such as bread, cereal or frozen vegetable bags

if you have none of those, then grab a container with a lid and put your dough into it - it will be fine in the refrigerator until you need it; just make sure it's airtight to keep the dough fresh and stop it drying out.

Sometimes I use a bowl covered with a clean tea towel; this works well too.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | No More Plastic Wrap: What About Baking?
10/22/09 02:21 PM

Good luck with your challenge! We've been doing similar for over a year now and create less than 100gms of waste per week - all of this is non recyclable plastic and composite materials such as crisp packets.

We have had several weeks where we have created nothing for landfill at all.

You can see what we've been up to on our site:

We;ve got lots of tips for helping householders reduce their waste from food waste, to surviving party bags and Christmas!

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10/17/09 06:50 AM

This is such an important topic. I've covered it on our site this morning and linked to this post too, so people can share their ideas.

I'm proud to say we kept our kitty as green as possible throughout her 16 years. She ate fresh food - chicken, liver, fish which I was able to buy without packaging. She never had a litter tray, so did all her business in the garden. And when she got sick, we treated her with home made remedies such as colloidal silver instead of drugs.

We used natural products such as neem and essential oils to treat fleas and ticks.

She was finally buried in the garden so she can give back to the earth ...

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10/11/09 03:39 AM

This is a great post with some really helpful and informative comments. I've linked to this today from our site, so hope you get some more interest and ideas!
I'm confident that everyone who uses rubber gloves has been left with an orphan glove on at least one occasion so it's something the affects us all ;)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To Mend Rubber Gloves? Good Question
10/11/09 03:34 AM

Onions are another odour neutraliser - I know it sounds crazy, but if you put a cut onion in the corner of your room, it won't stink of onions, the smell will simply go!

And essential oils are great for an initial burst of something more fragrant than the smell you don't want.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 5 Non-Toxic and Natural Ways to Control Odor
10/10/09 03:32 AM

We've had this exact same issue, Rachael and have successfully treated it with neem oil.

I used neem oil every day for 2 weeks and along with daily vacuuming it solved the issue.

yes it's intensive and takes much longer than a toxic chemical bomb, but at least it's natural and safe and your fish will be ok.

I've written all about the methods we used on my site:

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Is There a Safe and Nontoxic Way to Get Rid Of Fleas? Good Question
9/22/09 03:34 PM