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So lovely. I really appreciate the care and collaboration that L.A. officials and organizations take in trying to address their homeless issues. What a great place to start a new life and feel a sense of respect in doing so.

Nadia Geller Lends a Design Hand to Upward Bound Shelter | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/7/10 06:39 AM

So funny - I just came across Flora Grubb's (SF-based) Valentine's options with a wonderful selection of air plants and terrariums: I would take one of these over a dozen roses ANY DAY.

10 Ways to Display Air Plants | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/29/10 10:57 AM

First off - I want to commend abcoabq for being willing to share their struggle and the reminder that something that seems unbelievable to many is the reality for some.

To take this to a much more philosophical level, while the majority of people may not have a hoarding issue in their own home - think of the global hoarding issue we have as a whole! The amount of stuff we produce, and our habit of simply throwing things away (which in the case of hoarding is considered a good thing) is creating a major problem for our planet! Perhaps we can all learn something from hoarders - not to keep what should be thrown away, but to realize how little we really need in the first place, and how much senseless waste there really is.

Hoarders on AE TV: Do You Watch? | Apartment Therapy DC
12/4/09 04:26 PM

I love the embroidered one! I don't mind having clocks that are more art pieces than function - but I do think it's necessary to have at least a couple that you can rely on for a quick time check. offers a neat LED one here:, and has some beautiful recycled record clocks that would work well in a modern, latin or India-inspired setting:

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: Five Fabulous Clocks
10/19/09 11:34 AM

gorgeous - and so in tune with the colorful room contest :)

Apartment Therapy DC | Indian Summer from Sina Pearson Textiles
10/1/09 06:45 PM

I love the kanga pillows! A good reminder that busy fabric can be used in very simple ways with maximum impact.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Paula of Henry Road's Colorful Home House Call
9/29/09 06:03 PM

This is going into the favorites file for SURE.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Jason Michael's Beautifully Structured Bohemian House Tour
9/28/09 03:29 PM

I'm with PhoebeArt - I'd start a new collection with his letter well, and showcase them together. Think how sweet it would be down the road in a nursery to put them up with some of your own baby pictures :) Either way - I don't think just because you're cohabitating your collection should be resigned to a box!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ideas to Make Collection Unobtrusive? Good Questions
9/25/09 02:57 PM

There are so many! It's nice to have an excuse to raid my favorites list and share!

For pottery/dishware:

Amazing hand-dyed pillows:

Beautiful original art and prints:


Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Roundup: Our Favorite Etsy Stores — And Tell Us Yours!
9/24/09 02:11 PM

I love this - it's such a great reminder to really max out ideas when coming across things that seemingly have no purpose, but just can't be called "trash." Great idea.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Julie's DIY Film Slide Light
9/22/09 12:35 PM