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hmmm....i'm looking back and forth from that painting to the design on my blossom candle by snow and graham right here on my desk...they are nice but they seem to be painted over very chic gift wrap designs etc:


i've seen paintings like these where the artist takes a page from an old book or collages old wallpaper and paints over them. Cool idea. But with these gift wrap designs being so current and featured so prominently in the paintings isn't there some sort of copyright protection that should be going on?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Gallery: Sita Rupe Paintings
3/12/09 01:53 PM

She's interesting - I must say it's easy to have a preset grudge against anyone that beautiful, and as a tv personality sometimes the way she is on camera comes off wooden. But when I heard her interviewed by Evan Kleinman on Good Food she came off as intelligent, down to earth and kinda quirky - she grew up in Covina of all places! I don't think she takes herself that seriously and I agree with some of the above comments - if I looked like that I'd have pictures of myself hanging around half-naked too!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! A Sneak Peek Inside Padma Lakshmi's Home Harper's Bazaar
2/27/09 11:27 PM

I actually don't have any problem with the furniture or it's placement - it's tastefully done and I like those aspects overall, you don't really need to add more furniture or accesories. It already has the serene natural vibe your looking for. What it lacks is WARMTH in COLOR. The only warm colors are in the wood of your coffee table and tv stand, and you could use more warm colors for contrast.

Try a warmer (yellower) green in the dining room, or a warm brown. The blue color, though an improvement over the white, feels cold and doesn't have much impact.

And curtains in your living room in the green (maybe the green of the pillow and throw on your couch) or brown would look amazing. Since the rest of your palette is cool neutrals, you can't go wrong with a more saturated color.

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2/2/09 05:12 PM

or if you are stuck on the eiffel chair, get the one with the wooden legs


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Chairs For This Table? Los Angeles
1/23/09 02:07 PM

eeek, saw the combination and cringed. I like both pieces individually , the modern chair and industrial table, but the shiny thin chrome of the chair base would clash with the wide dark metal strips of the table base.

I agree with the 2nd post, wood chairs with a black stain or walnut. Or maybe black thonet bentwood chairs:


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Chairs For This Table? Los Angeles
1/23/09 02:04 PM

I work in landscape design, and while I support the use of drought-tolerant plants there are a lot of people who just can't get it out of their heads that expanse of green flatness. More and more I see people divided over this, but I do see a practical side to this product if you have kids. I would not recommend this at all for pets.

Kids like to run and play and that often includes falling. Pea gravel (ouch!) and bark chips (splinters) are not great things to fall upon. At a landscape workshop for homeowners I went to recently, the kid issue came up often.

Another topic that came up was that native plants look dry and "messy." I heartily disagree with that, but it does take research to choose plants you can deal with year round as some natives go dormant.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | SYNLawn Synthetic Grass
1/22/09 11:58 AM

B for sure - the moroccan one is nice but too sedate especially with the style of your couch!

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1/16/09 01:48 PM

I've made macarons many times and gifted them these past two christmases. For thanksgiving I made pumpkin caramel macarons and mean to make some blackcurrant violet this christmas. Yes, they are tricky but one thing I've found that always worked for me is to age the egg whites - take them out two days before and leave at room temperature. Some recipes call for this and others don't, it sounds unsanitary I know but nobody has gotten sick so far. Supposedly I read the salmonella would be in the yolk but I need to research that more. After piping the rounds, rap the baking tray to release any extra air bubbles so the tops don't crack in baking. They don't stay good for very long and have so many little steps in the making that I don't think they will be as popular as cupcakes, though Boule, Paulette, Jin Patisserie, and Europane here in the L.A. area are certainly spreading the word. Cupcakes have more accessibility and a comfort factor, but macarons are certainly delicate, beautiful bites of sugary goodness well worth the effort, which is why I make them as gifts. Good luck!

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12/5/08 09:35 PM

p_capucine, I'm with you on that painting- why would the staff at domino even publish that? I almost think it's Wearstler's private joke. The case of a the big designer seeing what she could get away with, i.e. " Let's see if they say anything about the big framed lacquered TURD on my wall." And if it isn't a joke, then seriously the emperor has no clothes....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | First Look: Kelly Wearstler's New Style, Rita Konig's Small Space and Three Fashion HQs Domino 10.08
9/25/08 09:14 PM

You said it Kimber - not only that, but it is also a Euphorbia = poisonous.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Make A Vase Within A Table
9/23/08 09:39 PM

i'd buy red curtains to complement it's loveliness.

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7/15/08 07:29 AM

There's always going to be malls and building bigger and more expensive ones. As a girl who likes to shop i'm pretty sure that some female AT readers would not object to the barneys co-op or the anthropologie. I do object to leaving all the doors open while running the air conditioning, which seems the wasteful norm of outdoor malls.

This wastefulness is my biggest issue with the americana - not the stores or the forced community - it's that damned fountain and huge thirsty swaths of grass that you're not allowed to step on. It really is like las vegas in that sense, hundreds of gallons of water wasted every hour. And the trolley car running through it. Makes it look like a life-size railroad model in somebody's basement.

As for the rent I second Gigi818, that seems standard for "luxury" apts. I live in Glendale and have a deal for half that amount in a cute 1940's duplex. With the last heat wave I understand the appeal of airconditioning, (and good insulation for that matter) but the subsequent blackout on the hottest night of the year made me realize my swamp cooler is just fine.

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7/3/08 09:36 PM

The fifth picture down the plants are actually cordylines, which like phormium come in a variety of colors and have strap leaves. The major difference is that the cordylines grow a trunk and some can get up to 30' tall. They look a lot like phormium when they are young and their trunks are short.

I just finished completing a job where we designed a rooftop garden on a hotel with a variety of ornamental grasses, including dwarf flax, sedges and fescues. Cordylines were one of the options thrown into the hat but it was decided they would block the view too much as they grew taller.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Drought Tolerant Plant: Flax
6/20/08 11:18 PM

Glendale - about 500 sq feet, not including the shared backyard.
It has a washer, dryer, hardwood floors, 1-car garage in a duplex in the hills close to Glassell Park. Pay $1000 a month. Just got a new job in Santa Monica and the money I'm saving not paying westside rent is going to the gas tank :(

I agree that it is all about finding an apt not controlled by a management company - I found my place on the Recycler because my landlord does not know how to use the internet (!). The last place I lived was also found there and was an even better deal - it was a 2 bedroom with a seperate dining and living rooms, plus small office and 1 1/3 bath, also in Glendale, also only $1000 a month.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Rents: The Valley Really Is Cheap, But is it the Cheapest?
5/14/08 07:21 PM

sounds delicious - might want to clean up the typos at the end of the 2nd paragraph ("pperp") and beginning of the 3rd paragraph (woops!)

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4/6/08 08:00 PM

best. vacuum review. danceparty. ever.

you guys are sooooo cute

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2/4/08 08:06 AM

Ohmigod check out these food still lifes:


I will never look at smoked salmon the same way again.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Open Thread #132
1/21/08 09:33 AM

...so pretty!

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12/18/07 08:34 AM

oooh....I could make caramel, pear upside down cake, stew and pressed sandwiches all at the same time!

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12/17/07 08:20 AM

Hi Laure - Try looking on their website and click on the asterik for garden design (not the digital portfolio link), then go to residential. Click on the 5th thumbnail to the ojai house. At the ninth picture there is a planter with legs exactly like the ones you posted.

Could also be another landscape designer who likes the alien succulent aesthetic that I don't know about. I'm a fan of creative landscapes so I applaud the effort, just hope the owners redo of the house complements the spacey front yard.

Look! The Saucers Have Landed
8/7/07 05:14 PM