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We recently moved from Queens to the East side with Oz Moving. The initial walk through with the salesman was pleasant and built up a lot of confidence. Then once the movers arrived we still felt confident.

However, after about 3 hours of them packing our furniture (and after we gave them tons of good food and drink) they started acting completely unprofessional. It started out as an overall attitude, but it turned into much more. This long and drawn out nightmare of a move has too many details for here, but for your sake, I will bullet point a few of the occurrences. All of this was from one bedroom apartment to another. Not a big move!
-They underestimated how much furniture we have--and therefore did not send enough movers. This made the move last until 1030PM!!!!!They started at 9:00AM!!!!
-They scratched and ruined several of our most valuable pieces of furniture (to their credit they have a great carpenter who fixes the damage--but there shouldn't be such damage in the first place)
-During the move, there was constant misconduct. So much, that the building told us that if they have one more problem with the company they will not let them move into the building again.
-I caught one of the movers cutting side jobs with one of our neighbors!!! No joke, he was in a neighbors apartment helping the neighbor with something while he was supposed to be moving our stuff!!
-The things that we packed on our own came back okay, EVERY ARTICLE that they packed came back with a defect.
-Towards the end of the move, when it came time to pay--at 10:30PM!!!, the movers started laughing at us to our faces in our living room.
-Worst for last--We moved in the summer, and went away right after we moved for a month. When we returned, we realized that after this horrible move, our winter coats never arrived at our apartment (we had them pack and deliver all of our winter coats). I right away called the "customer relations" lady Nancy (who in general has a chip on her shoulder), and she gave me a vague--"I'll look into it" answer. In the mean time I made sure with my old super that it wasn't accidentally left behind at the old apartment--it wasn't.

I didn't hear back from the "customer relations" lady for a week. Called her up, she barely remembered the case and said it isn't relevant if it's a month later but that I could fill out a claim. I filled out ANOTHER claim. When I called to ask about the claim, she started accusing me of lying, and saying that I am just trying to get money from them, and that I cannot prove anything.

I told her if she wants to know about the misconduct she can ask the building management. Then, she starts yelling at me that I am trying to bribe/blackmail her and how dare I threaten her. I was in complete disbelief!!! I had to then calm her down, instead of her calming down the customer.

My experience with Oz storage is not over, because they still have not agreed to help even try to locate my winter coats, and have said that none of my insurance will cover the items THEY LOST!

Oz Storage is one of the worst customer relations experience I've had and by for one of the most unprofessional companies I've ever dealt with. I do not like writing reviews, and I really don't have time for this, but for your sake--stay away from the OZ!!!! I wish someone would have told me.

PS-Small claims court and internet reviews--here we come!!!

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9/21/09 11:02 PM