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I have both a Penguin (at home) and a plastic-bottle machine (in the office). I love them both. In the end, having the attractive glass bottles that work with the Penguin is worth the price difference to me for home use, though the fact that the bottles are smaller is a slight hassle. But in truth, they are all great, and simple, machines. I have convinced my parents, brother, in-laws, and various friends all to buy them.

A couple responses to two other comments...

1) If you bring empty carbonator tanks to Williams Sonoma, they give you a $15 credit off a new carbonator tank (so it is $15 per 60-liter tank, rather than $30); that is basically the same price as ordering them online, and far less hassle. Those tanks work in both the penguins and the plastic-bottle machines, though some plastic-bottle machines *also* can use 110-liter tanks, which work out to be cheaper per liter of water.

2) Yes, you can entirely customize how carbonated the water is.

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