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Smart thinking Amazon ... get those little CONSUMERS on board ASAP! As for those of us without children, what good are wee (commercially) to Amazon without breeding MORE LITTLE CONSUMERS??!!

Fake Babies for Discounts? Amazon Mom is an Honor System Design News 12.19.13
12/19/13 10:02 PM

@ fauxfaux errrr ... as we say in Oz "GOOD ON YA COBBER!!!" yes, i'm really concerned about MYSELF!! did you even watch the clip from The Daily Show? do you even have the internet in hicksville??!! grow up and be a real man and stop hiding behind your blessed guns!

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/26/13 08:33 PM

@fauxfaux ... i bet if you did a poll ... those same gun rights lobbyists would be the SAME people AGAINST national healthcare (including metal health) in your country. don't you agree? And no, it isn't just a "snippet" of news over here! it's always a headline story, your gun massacres over there and you'd rather us not be angered by it? i take no offence at all with the giant gun mailbox as you assert up there, i take offence at the fact that anyone and everyone can legally get themselves a machine gun with NO training and NO background checks! if you really want to follow the letter of your constitutional right to bear arms, you'd all be happy with muskets and the other weapons that were available all those years ago when it was written ... how could the leaders back then have possibly predicted their words would be used to assert that EVERYONE can own whatever-powered weapon they like?

now, if YOU were "a decent human being" and cared about the victims, YOU would be lobbying YOUR government to bring in gun control - lest you or one of your loved ones be a victim next! how insulting to the familys of sandy hook school that the best the president can do, because of the gun lobby, is lower the flags to half-mast - this will not save lives!!

obviously us australians don't know anything ... so much so that your own EMMYs have seen fit to award THE DAILY SHOW on their "woop-di-doo" gun control piece where they interviewed our former prime minister ... please watch it ... you MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING!!!! the link to the story is below ...

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/18/13 09:06 PM

hey there @jdoey ... hope you've got your decorative American flag at half-mast today ... this is a design blog after all ... yet ANOTHER gun massacre in the US ... where are all the good people with guns? seems like they are never around to save the day and m"self defend" when it counts ...

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/16/13 08:23 PM

In case you missed this ... here's THE DAILY SHOW's take on gun control in AUSTRALIA ...

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/13/13 03:03 AM

Sorry @Chelsea Ann, I do realise your gun MESS in the USA is much more complicated than a huge gun letterbox! Come visit Australia sometime, a land where we can go to school and the movie cinema without fear of some moron opening fire. A land where the BLAME of being shot by someone doesn't fall on the victim, but the perpetrator. We are always shocked over here at the gun lobby in the US when they suggest things such as TEACHERS carrying guns in schools - how ridiculous! And you call yourselves "free"? A real shame as I absolutely LOVE my American friends and have visited the US dozens of times and love your country, apart from that niggling fear that ANYONE can be carrying a concealed weapon in public. What tha??!!

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/13/13 02:59 AM

How would this letterbox possibly cause a kerfuffle when anyone and everyone in the US can legally purchase a semi-automatic REAL weapon, with no background checks or training at all and the majority of the population is OK with that?? Totally smacks of ridiculous hypocracy if people are AT ALL bothered by this letterbox!! Looking at some of these comments (I'm in Australia), we really hafta larf from here!!

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/12/13 10:56 PM