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I don't know if you'll be in a place where you can pull this off, but this is my favorite not-too-sweet-but-total-showstopper dessert:
Assemble nice plates of fresh fruit, maybe a piece of chocolate or two. Then, take a hot skillet (off flame) and pour in Bacardi 151. Set it alight and pour over the dessert plates (with the lights either off or dim). Total showstopper, and works with just about anything.

Help Me Find a Celebratory (Yet Not Too Sweet) Treat for a Birthday PartyGood Questions
4/9/12 09:30 PM

Er, #2. I fail at typing.

DIY Ideas for Framing Large Artwork
3/1/12 12:22 PM

#3 should probably have a link...

DIY Ideas for Framing Large Artwork
3/1/12 12:22 PM

Made this last night.... my very first attempt at bread! Kinda forgot the 2 tbsp of sugar, but it still turned out super yummy!

No-Knead Recipe: Cran-Walnut Pumpkin Toasting Bread
12/2/11 06:00 PM

The one reason I could see myself buying one of these is to have one of those great filtering plants, and also keep it out of reach of my very inquisitive kitten. She has tried to eat every plant in my apartment, and I've had to get rid of a bunch of toxic ones. This looks like it would keep her paws off of the plants, while still giving me all the benefits.

Apartment Therapy Boston | ANDREA Natural Air Filter Purifier
9/21/09 03:57 PM