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Oops, sorry for the misspell, Pomona!

Skip the Bin: Trench Composting
7/27/11 09:32 PM

@Pamona, what do you mean by "fat?"

Skip the Bin: Trench Composting
7/27/11 09:31 PM

PS) I'd love to see pictures when you make your DIY version!

Magazine Stack Stools: Designer vs DIY
6/24/11 10:10 AM

I'm crazy about the NJU Studio version...not so much with the DIY version. I think it would be great to create a more sophisticated DIY version with some sort of a base, vintage belts, and a pillow top like the NJU Studio version.

Magazine Stack Stools: Designer vs DIY
6/24/11 10:09 AM

Haha, my boyfriend told me it had to be an April fools joke...I'm a jerk!

The Best Way To Advertise That I'm a Green Person?
Good Question

4/1/11 11:51 AM

Advertise by example. I don't think you need to wear a shirt or carry a bag to show it off, just make "green" choices and the people around you will notice.

The Best Way To Advertise That I'm a Green Person?
Good Question

4/1/11 11:40 AM

Shopping at Salvation Army! It's so good on so many levels: Lowers your carbon footprint, saves you money, supports a great charity, it's fun...I could go on!

Also, yoga and meditation.

Oh yeah, and you'd be amazed at how many people have never heard of Mrs. Meyers products. I recommend the candles in particular.

Biggest Fan: What Do You Always Recommend To Friends?
Reader Survey

3/31/11 04:15 PM

Cute!! Thanks for sharing!

How To Create a Patterned Chalkboard Refrigerator
2/8/11 08:54 AM

Wow, what a transformation! Hope you enjoy your new bathroom! :-)

Before & After: A Demo-Free Bathroom Renovation
2/7/11 06:43 PM

Growing up I had some of the Childcraft books, too! I had forgotten about them until now. My sister and I would spend HOURS reading them.

Also, I've covered a number of my not-so-pretty books in craft paper. It does the trick and it's super cheap!

Best Looking Books for the Aesthete's Shelf
1/26/11 11:03 AM

@livc I agree! Couldn't have typed it better myself!

Rustic & Romantic Yet Feminine & Fun
Inspiration Roundup

1/25/11 10:46 AM

HA HA HA! Lovely chair, but not for that much!

Yay or Nay? Recycled Felt-Covered School Chairs
New York Magazine

1/15/11 11:06 PM

Stop the spam!!!

7 Tips for Keeping an Uncluttered Closet
1/14/11 08:15 PM


I think this post is aimed at people who leave their faucet on a tiny bit during the wintertime in order to keep the pipes from freezing. I don't do this, but if I did I would keep a container in the sink to catch the dripping water. That way I could use the water for my morning coffee or whatever else and it wouldn't go to waste.

I'm surprised this post doesn't mention collecting the drip water to use in the morning...though anyone reading re-nest would probably already think to do so.

Tie A String On Your Faucets To Stop the Drip
1/10/11 04:29 PM

Lovely tips!

And perfect timing for me, because I'm in the process of organizing all of the closets/cabinets/hidden storage in my apartment this week before school starts.

My little tip: I'm all about utilizing wall space inside closets and cabinets with hooks to hang any number of items--brooms, mops, dust pans, hats, belts, even a light-weight vacuum. It frees up floor space.

Beautify Even Your Smallest Spaces with Organization
8/26/10 05:38 PM

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Cutting glass/mirror can be a little tricky and dangerous. You can skip that step if you want. Craft stores often have little mirror pieces already cut into squares, rectangles and triangles that could be used to make the sconce.

5 Retail Buys To DIY
8/25/10 11:51 AM

Maybe it's because my mother was an art teacher and I am following in her footsteps, but I SAVE EVERYTHING and anything that I think I might be able to use for an art project.

Old fabric, clothes and yarn scraps, cardboard egg cartons and food boxes, scrap papers from old books or notebooks, crayon nubs (like galaxiekat), odd buttons and beads, corks, broken name it, it gets stored for possible creative projects. You'd be amazed what a child can create when you present all of those little bits and bobbles to them and say, "Go for it!"

Buying new gets so expensive (for teachers and parents alike), I just use everything right up until it's completely spent.

Not to go on and on, but as for the old crayon nubs...if you don't have a crayon melting machine, you can just put them in old soup cans and an old pot to create a make-shift double boiler. Then pour the liquid crayons in candy molds. It's a really fun project to do with older elementary aged children.

Okay, I'm hopping off my soap box! :-)

Good Idea: Donate Last Year's School Supplies
The Daily Green

8/25/10 11:34 AM


Why not just ask the manager or owner how often/ when they throw things out? They might be happy to have someone take items off their hands that they can't sell.

Donating Used Furniture to a Thrift Store? Think Again
8/19/10 07:01 PM

What a transformation! Great job!!

Before & After: Small Apartment Kitchen Brightened
8/19/10 10:33 AM

How interesting and informative!

I've always been curious about cork production and natural vs. synthetic corks...Just not enough to actually do the research. Thanks!! :-)

Why Cork is So Incredibly Green
8/13/10 12:22 AM