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I'm looking forward to reading Quiet. I have read Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe, and I really enjoyed it. I so wish I'd had something like that twenty years ago. I can't believe how many years I spent beating myself up for not being more extroverted.

@MonkeyMomma: I think Jung (who was one of the developers of the introvert/extrovert distinction) had the view that people tended to move towards the other side of these different continua as they got older. Thinkers became more emotion-oriented, extroverts more introverted, etc. Something about embracing one's "shadow"?

Happier at Home: Top 5 Books for Homebodies
11/4/13 01:32 PM

I'm so glad somebody asked this, because this has always been a big problem for me. I'm single and live in a pretty traditional area where people marry young and there are lots of stay at home moms. I get so annoyed at the contractors who just seem to assume that somebody will be home all day. A lot of them won't even give you a window or even a specific day. I've partly solved the problem by buying a condo, so at least I don't have to worry about external repairs. Everything internal I either do myself or get done during vacations. I'm a teacher, and I can't cancel class to stay at home and wait for repair people.

How Do You Get Home Repairs Taken Care Of When You Work 9-5?
10/17/13 02:07 PM

I would think the post office would have something to say about this. They're obligated to ensure their employees have a safe and non-hostile work environment. Since their work environment extends onto people's private property, the post office does have some authority over our property -- namely the mailbox and access to the mailbox. For example, I couldn't put razor wire around my mailbox. In the case in question, the owner is sending a hostile and threatening message, just as much as if he'd made a mailbox in the shape of a hand flipping the bird at the mail carrier, or if he'd posted some threatening or obscene message inside the box where only the mail carrier could see it. Imagine someone hanging a noose from their mailbox when they see that their mail carrier is black. To pretend that our symbols don't have social meanings that carry well beyond our immediate intentions is naive.

Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/12/13 02:14 PM