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I'm going to finally print, frame, and hang my weddings pictures!

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 01:59 PM

I have a 5'x7' wool shag rug that could really use a cleaning. I'm afraid to vacuum over it, though, because a) our vacuum is a tiny little Shark, which is great for our hardwood floors, but I don't think has the power to handle carpets/rugs, and b) I'm afraid that if i do run a vacuum over it, the long shag pieces will get caught in the roller and burn the belts out.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you, and happy floor cleaning!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 01:22 PM

Congrats on the new home!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 01:16 PM

I know it's not quite flowers, but have you considered getting some potted herbs instead? I've had a potted basil plant growing in my kitchen window since last summer, and although my cat has never tried to eat it, I know it wouldn't harm her if she did.

It's also a really easy plant to take care of. I live in LA, so I think that the mild climate and frequent sunlight are very good to it, but it has also been on the verge of death from dehydration a few times, and it always perks right back up when I remember to water it again. :)

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 01:14 PM

I made these a couple days ago. They were easy to make, and the cake donut texture was fantastic. They were sweet without being overwhelmingly so. The only downside was that they didn't taste like eggnog at all. I even added a little cinnamon and nutmeg as another commenter suggested, and made a glaze for them from eggnog and powdered sugar in hopes that it would bring out some of the flavor, but it didn't really do much.

I'll definitely make these again with even more cinnamon and nutmeg, but I think I'll call them "Holiday Donut Muffins" instead of "Eggnog."

Holiday Recipe: Eggnog Doughnut Muffins Recipes from The Kitchn
1/2/14 02:18 PM

Oops, maybe the color just looks different in different lighting! Are all four walls the same color? Thank you! :)

Westin's Wes Anderson Inspired Nursery My Room
12/26/13 04:12 PM

I love the paint colors! The gray is perfect. What is the other ivory color?

Westin's Wes Anderson Inspired Nursery My Room
12/26/13 04:09 PM

I LOVE dark colors in small rooms. When my husband and I moved in to our new house, we painted all 4 walls of our teeny tiny master bedroom (it only fits our queen bed, 2 small night stands, and a hamper... not even a dresser!) a deep, rich brown. Everyone told us not to, but I stuck to my instincts and did it anyway. I LOVE it. It feels luxurious and special. Don't be afraid of color!

Dark Walls In Small Spaces
Small Space Solutions

12/13/13 06:54 PM